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A word of caution to those considering using jewellers ceramic tile , i been down this track with the jewellers stuff , it lacks the pyramid surface that is crucial for sustaining maximum output . I think it might be ok for a soft soldered boiler , but must be used at a Low flame height to avoid a flameout and burner failure , where the ceramic crumbles to dust !
After that , i got some of the proper stuff from Polly , along with some other good stuff i needed .

Press the 'Join' button at the top of the page, to be part of the largest toy steam forum on the internet. Mamod Models Exclusive replica range of steam toy trains, steam engines, railway steam engines, steam generators, locomotive steam engines, real model steam engines collector items. Our multi-national members enjoy sharing photos & videos of engines by Mamod, Wilesco, Jensen, Bowman, SEL, Doll, Bing, Scorpion, Renown & more.

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