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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. The fiddle yard would probably end in the top left alcove so I wanted to leave as much access as possible. I've been trying a few things out this evening and I have decided that the fiddle yard will definitely work best in front of the window. The plan reminds me of certain versions of the famous Ashdon and Midport, and that really cannot be bad. I am myself trying to cram 7mm scale into a ridiculously small space (for 7mm) so I appreciate some of the issues involved. By the way, I like the idea of the goods yard being 'down the line a bit' from the station, something not that uncommon on the prototype, but very rarely modelled.
With regards to the positioning of the goods yard Martin earlier suggested I put some sidings in the alcove.
As a child I spent many summer holidays with relatives at Tingley which was close to several minor ex-GN routes with one only 100 yards away although I don't recall ever seeing any trains.
I've now had a couple of days to mull over my last plan and I still feel quite satisfied with it. My friends tell me point building is actually quite easy but it is not something I particularly relish!
If you are starting out - Peco might be best course - though you are very limited by their standard RTP dimensions. The three way and double slip were bought ready made (or should that be made to order), the other turnouts were made by a club member. The Markway points look ok with the Peco track - no graining effect on the Markway points and they need lifting to match the height of the Peco track.
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Built to finescale standards to run on standard gauge track (29mm b-b) 32mm track as defined by the Gauge O guild. A ready to run, 12v DC model finished in factory BR green, black or LNER green ready to line and number. Also the window is on the left and I don't want to block out too much light if I can help it. At a gradient of 1 in 36 down to it I can have it 10" lower than the station which gives reasonable clearance for reaching in. I think multi-level may be the answer to 7mm in small spaces, though I agree it certainly helps not to be tied to the rigid geometry of Peco points. Despite the title I gave to this thread it won't be an ex-LNWR branch on the Cumbrian coast nor a bucolic ex-GWR branch line terminus (although I might change my mind on it being ex-GWR if Dapol were to announce a Class 22 in 0!).

It has occured to me that it might be possible to put the goods yard over the end of the fiddle yard although it might make it awkward to lift locos out from underneath although this could be mitigated by using a traverser to move them to the front of the fiddle yard.
I decided that putting something over the end of the fiddle yard would just make access difficult. A visit to the KWVR at Keighley (especially if you can reconstruct in your mind the old GN route to Queensbury) would be good inspiration.
Unfortunately I didn't really get into railways until my teens by which time much had already gone. One minor tweak I will make is to replace the three-way point at the station throat with two separate curved points.
The only thing with 31.5mm is that I wouldn't be able to use C&L ready-made crossings and also, where do I get gauges? Also you can use templot to set the gauge for a replacement template to the C&L one that comes in the 'turnout in a bag' range.
I have listed these as "Spares or Repairs" as there are some bent, some need cleaning etc, etc. I have for sale 4 lengths of 'O' gauge rail track in very good condition complete with a clean, tidy box.
I have listed these as "Spares or Repairs" as there are some bent,one quite badly seen on top in pictures, some need cleaning etc, etc. Look in good condition for its age the box has some wear mouse over the pics for the condition loft fresh. You may also be right in that they can supply a RTP plastic sleepered version.The kit appealed to me at the time - a case of too much self-confidence. Otherwise, you might be able to put some sort of small industrial yard in that space and have a wayside halt along the top wall before it goes into the tunnel, disappearing to the fiddle yard. The line down to the tunnel is on a 1 in 36 grade so I'm not sure if a halt there would be practical. I would like it to be an ex-GN or ex-L&Y branch set in the very urbanised surroundings of West Yorkshire circa 1960. I could possibly have a siding serving a mill or shoddy warehouse in the corner where the goods yard is on the last plan.
The GN in West Yorkshire is a neglected prototype, though to my mind it's the most interesting bit of that railway.
It is fascinating now to look at books and videos of the area to see what used to be there and to understand what I was looking at then. This will mean shortening the platform very slightly but not enough to make a significant difference. Just create a turnout to match the one in your chosen kit but with the gauge set at 31.5 mm instead of 32mm. If you are interested in this item please e-mail me before bidding as I may be unwilling to ship certain items abroad.
Once the boards are installed to replace the old back half of the layout we'll have a better idea of their running properties.

Three main possible problems with this plan are having to couple and uncouple on a curve, having a duck-under (which might present difficulties for some of my more elderly friends) and shuffling stock on the low-level fiddleyard might be a bit, um, fiddly (sorry about that!).
I have been rationalising a little bit and have moved the goods yard to the station approaches which eliminates the need for the short headshunt on the end of the loop. I've actually given it the working title of Kirkley Mills 3.0 as it is set in the same area as my little H0 layout of that name. It had a way of burrowing an unlikely path between other railways, often with steep gradients, sharp curves and lots of tunnels. When taking the bus down into Dewsbury I was always intrigued by the tunnel entrance near the town which I now know was on the GN line from Wakefield to Dewsbury Central and on up to Batley. I have a mental image of what I would like the scenery to look like but I would need to draw the layout out full size to plan it in detail which will probably not be for some time. The boards for the fiddle yard are in the process of being wired at the moment so the boards were on their sides which made it easier for photographing reasonably square on. I'll be trying my Q6 (0-8-0 mineral loco) and some of the others will have their favourite for the testing too.
On the other hand the platforms will take five coach trains (the same as we run on Ramchester) and there is a reasonable amount of operating potential. I'd quite like to have the fiddle yard along the bottom wall but this would mean reducing the radius to below 5' in the tunnel to allow room for some curved points. I also remember once walking through the closed and derelict Woodkirk station sometime in the mid-Sixties. Although I have used the dimensions of Marcway points as a guide I really want properly chaired track rather than copper-clad and using ready-made points would be very expensive so I will probably have a go at building them mainly using C&L bits. Unfortunately, when I consider the price using ready-made track and the cost of all the locos I'd need to run on it I may have to scale back my ambitions!
As the station is capable of holding 5 coach trains I also need a couple of sidings in the fiddle yard long enough to take them. By eliminating the other goods siding I can move the tunnel entrance and have a slightly longer visible run.
Unfortunately I only had a Brownie 127 camera with an 8 shot film which had to last the entire holiday so I wasn't allowed to take pictures willy-nilly. Anyway it shows what could be built in 0 gauge in about half the space Ramchester is built in. Of course, I only started working on this a couple of days ago so it is early days yet but I have been rather enthused by the results I've achieved so far.

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