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Photo of the carnivalAnd the most important photo of all:-We came second in the public voting. The cookie settings on this website are set to 'allow all cookies' to give you the very best experience.If you continue without changing these settings, you consent to this - but if you want, you can turn cookies off on this website by clicking here. Kenton (USA) or similar "The Nodders" Happy Hooligan Novelty Cart - substantial cast iron model is black, with red cover to animal, white nodding head to figure, lacks wire reins but otherwise a Good scarce example, 16cm.
Cast Iron and Slush moulded Trolley Cars (1) 8" cast iron trolley No.14 - orange, yellow, black, 19cm - Good, (2) & (3) 2 x Fox "Toonerville" slush moulded cast metal trolley cars - both are red, one has significant wear but otherwise Fair to Good. Arcade (USA) a pair of Horse Drawn Vehicles (1) 2-wheel Sulky, (2) Shaft and spoked wheel with 2 x horses (one lacks tail) for use with cast iron horse drawn vehicles - Fair. Hubley (USA) a group of cast iron Racing Cars (1) dark green, with blue, red driver, spoked wheels, (2) all red with spoked wheels and (3) a light green version of recent production - Good to Good Plus - each car is 18cm.
Bing (Germany) O Gauge Loco and tinplate Carriages - the lot comprises Bing cast iron 0-4-0 New York Central Lines Loco with cast iron body, 4-wheeled electric mechanism, with broken current collector to top, green, black. O Gauge Tender Loco and 4-wheel Carriages (1) "Vulcan" 0-4-0 LMS Tender Loco - red, black, with 4-wheeled Tender marked 1053, (2) Midland Railway 4-wheeled Luggage Van, (3) Great Western Railway 4-wheeled Luggage Van (overvarnished) and (4) & (5) 2 x 9cm 4-wheeled Carriages - maroon - Good to Excellent lot.

Bing (Bavaria) O Gauge Loco and Carriages - comprising No.2663 clockwork 0-4-0 Loco, with 1012 Tender (lacks one axle but includes a selection of spare wheels), (2) & (3) 2 x 12cm green tinplate carriages in New York Central livery, (4) New York Central 17cm Bogie Coach marked "20th Century" at balcony end - Fair to Good. Bing (Germany) New York Central 0-4-0 O Gauge Loco - comprising green cast iron body, with electric 4-wheeled mechanism, with cow catchers at each end - some wear to upper edges but generally Good. Bing and Lionel assorted O Gauge Trains - lot includes New York Central Bogie Carriages (2 lack their roof), a 4-wheeled 13cm Gauge 1 Coach (lacks roof). Bing assorted tinplate Railway Accessories - lot comprises 2 x Footbridge staircases only with bases, a miniature 11cm station building with platform section, a Bing (Bavaria) steam powered waterwheel and mill accessory, with pulley wheel, made to be driven by a separate steam engine and 2 x 28cm signals, one lacks ladder - otherwise Fair to Good useful lot.
Marx Toys and other tinplate Railway Accessories - Marx items comprise an Overhead Crane - black, red, together with a New York Central 4-wheeled Caboose in O Gauge. Bassett-Lowke O Gauge 1921 Series Bogie Coach - tinplate item in Great Western Railway maroon finish, some surface corrosion to upper part of one side otherwise Fair with a Good grey roof and ventilators. Fontaine Fox (USA) tinplate "Toonerville Trolley" - scarce clockwork tinplate Tramcar, c.1922, red, yellow, clockwork operation requires attention, some surface corrosion to one of the wheels and a small side panel is missing from the current collector on the roof but does include the driver and the tinprinting is otherwise generally Good for display.
Japanese and German tinplate Trains - lot comprises (1) K Toys tinplate clockwork "Rocket" early Loco and Driver with top-hat, 20cm, together with (2) Haji battery operated unboxed Train set comprising 0-4-0 Loco with 4 x Express 4-wheeled Carriages and a quantity of plastic track, (3) German clockwork Streamlined Loco - two tone green, 16cm, (4) an unknown make tinplate New York Central American style Loco in light grey, unpowered and (5) a Z Gauge Continental Baggage Car - Good to Excellent lot overall.

Wells (Golden Streak) tinplate Railcar - scarce 6-wheeled example is brown, cream, clockwork, some wear to edges but generally Good for display, 23cm. A group of large Japanese battery operated Locomotives - boxed items comprise Modern Toys 51cm Great Western Loco, (2) Modern Toys Hop Up Novelty Loco, 27cm, (3) Modern Toys Casey Jones Loco - gold, 37cm, (4) San Francisco friction drive Cable Car, (5) Overland Express clockwork Loco, 15cm and (6) wind-up Fairyland Train Set with tinprinted lay-out and plastic Fire Engine - generally Excellent to Near Mint in Fair to Good illustrated boxes. Marklin No.2905 HO scale Goods Train set - set contains an 0-6-0 DB Loco and 3 x Wagons (one lacks wheels), a controller (UNTESTED), track and a bridge - Good in a Fair illustrated box (tape repairs to lid). Cast metal and tinplate USA made Aircraft - lot includes 3 x Hubley cast metal Fighters with USAF markings, folding wings, one lacks cock-pit detail but all have their folding under carriage, all lack their propellers - otherwise Fair. Mattel (USA) and other Horse Drawn Wagons (1) Mattel Cowboy Joe's Musical Chuck Wagon - detailed tinprinted wagon with plastic horse, Joe figure with cardboard guitar, 30cm, (2) "North Western" tinplate 4-wheel Wagon with driver and 2 x horses, some surface corrosion to edges, 28cm, (3) Alps (Japan) "Pioneer Spirit" Wagon Train style 4-wheel Wagon and Horses, lack one rear wheel but includes driver, 24cm and (4) tinplate 4-wheel Wagon with white canvas tilt, yellow plastic spoked wheels, 2 horses and driver, 30cm - Fair to Good Plus. But on the Sunday we decided to give the Ice3 a break and run the Pig, that was a hit for all.

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