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2) C-Track numbers start with 24 (like 24188). We also have C-track that starts with 20 (like 20188).
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For planning purposes, I would only use the 2210 curves when there is no space for the 2221’s. This entry was posted in H0-Scale, Marklin, Track and tagged C-Track, Geometry, Marklin on January 19, 2014 by Charlie.

Acquea é una pagina iniziale con motore di ricerca per lo shopping per gli italiani. For starters, your planning will get much easier if you grab a tape measure that is in centimeters. If you decide to motorize them, you will need 2 turnout motors Marklin 74491 for each turnout. The layout will have parallel tracks and see that there’s a couple of radius’ to chose from.

A standard track piece is 30 degrees, and it would take 12 pieces to make a full circle (30 degrees * 12 = 360 degrees).
So, everytime you want to lay a stretch of straight, go with 24188-24172-24188-24172-24188 and so on.

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