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Cowan Railroad Museum must make room for new displays using the space these trains now occupy. This has been a display layout for the Cowan Railroad Museum for years, and is a little dirty. Now for the negative: The switches are mostly remote control, but are stuck from lack of use. Buildings: Koenigsmoor station, freight house, platforms, downtown buildings, Firehouse, residences, castle, motorized water wheel (not working). Vehicles: variety plastic and die-cast models of late model European style cars and trucks.
Rolling stock: Four German style freight cars and one brake van, four passenger cars, two are older style.
This a complete working layout that already looks and works great but needs a little TLC and your own personal touches to make it a show-piece. Cowan Railroad Museum is a non-profit 503(c)3 corporation chartered in the State of Tennessee.

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There are working street lights, crossing gates and signals, metal-based track with center pin AC contacts, vehicles and figures. Two steam engines, one 0-8-8-0T suburban articulated locomotive and one 4-6-0 branch-line passenger engine with tender, both operate beautifully and have been well maintained.
The buildings are glued down, but most roofs are removable for cleaning and access to lights.

Includes two Marklin (Maerklin) trainsets with Marklin a€?Delta Systema€? digital decoders and controllers, many switches and interesting double track plan. Five freight cars and four passenger cars are included, thus make up the two trainsets: one freight and one passenger.
The working signals are interconnected with the track feeders, and changing aspects to red stop the trains but they do not always restart when made green.
It is recommended that a closed vehicle capable of receiving a train board 5 foot by 9 foot be used for transport.
There are two nice looking non-working Diesel style German locomotives with encoders, one is mechanically worn out and the other has a bad decoder. There is a water wheel that is inoperative and one crossing gate is broken, though all parts are present.

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