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Prototype: Royal Prussian Railroad Administration (KPEV) class T93 and type AB3, C3, and D3 compartment cars.
Locomotive Features: Body and frame down to just a few separately applied parts are made of metal. Car Features: 3-axle passenger cars with brakeman's cab, with built-in LED interior lights that work in digital operation.
Information about this model:This model can be switched to catenary operation with a switch on the underside and can receive its power through the pantographs in conventional operation (DC or AC power). Prototype: Privately owned car painted and lettered for Esso AG, Hamburg, Germany, used on the German Federal Railroad (DB).
3 former German State Railroad Company (DRG) three-axle passenger cars, formerly Bavarian express train coaches.
In Scrapbook #60a, Henning Stelter, from Hamburg, Germany, displayed his double-tracked pizza layout in H0 scale. The operating plan for the layout, shown in the track plan below, is intricate and interesting. Chuck Perrucci, from Perkasie, PA USA, liked the winning layout in our Trackmobile contest so much that he built one right away!
Bostjan Jarc, who lives in Novo mesto, Slovenia, found the inspiration for his H0e exhibition layout in a German narrow-gauge book: a photo of a small rock crusher building.
Rolling stock is from Liliput (Bachmann), Roco, and Fleischmann, plus a pair of scratchbuilt diesel switchers. Like composing a piano concerto to be played with only one hand, these designs are a virtuoso feat!
Larry Archer, from Huntington, New York USA, planned the TT scale Ticonderoga Terminal Railroad to look as if it were constructed in the 1950s—the “glory days” of TT! Reality intruded almost immediately, as the original fiber-tie track was unusable (as many people felt was the case even in the 1950s!). Larry scratchbuilt several structures from Model Railroader plans published in the 1950s, then measured and modeled some other local buildings. Ironically, after spending about five years building and detailing the Ticonderoga Terminal, Larry moved into a new, larger house with a big basement. Michael-John Idzerda, from London, Ontario Canada, is building this 42x26in (107x66cm) N-scale layout to fit under the bed in his one-bedroom apartment. David Cartwright, from Sheffield, England, was inspired by holiday visits to the slate railways of Wales to build a model layout of his own.
Recently William Baldwin, from Los Osos, California USA, went up to Sacramento to visit the Worlds Greatest Hobby Train Show.
The larger display (above), which measures roughly 80x30mm, represents a 12x4ft model railway in 7mm scale, and Mike felt it might be the world’s smallest layout. Given those tests for authenticity, what is the world’s smallest working model railroad?
All entries will be acknowledged, and the entrant of the tiniest one (measured by its cubic area—footprint x height) will receive a very small prize along with considerable acclaim in these pages. The same two authenticity tests will apply to all entries, and the submission deadline for all is midnight U.S. All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout.
Model: Train set consists of a tank locomotive, a 2nd class compartment car with a brakeman's cab, a 3rd class compartment car with a brakeman's cab, and a 4th class compartment car with a brakeman's cab.
The pantographs can be raised and lowered with the pantograph motor mechanism only in digital operation when the power to the locomotive is supplied through the track.
Model: All 4 axles powered by means of cardan shafts with 1 main transmission and 4 transfer gearboxes.
Model: 3-axle passenger car with baggage compartment, as a complement to the premium starter set, item no. Model: 2-axle low side car, loaded with a model of a power shovel and a pile of wet-mix macadam (Styrofoam core with real wet-mix macadam scattered over it).
One 1st and 2nd class car (type AB), one 3rd class car (type C) and a baggage car (type Pw). A sketch from my notebooks, dated April 1953, is at right: it’s an idea by Bill Schopp in Railroad Model Craftsman for a layout interweaving two reversing loops and a passing siding using only sprung turnouts!

Chuck is already running trains on the bare track and comments, “The Trackmobile will not make the grades. On the upper level, the little train emerges from behind the background, runs into the crusher building and dumps its load in a special bunker. He’s in the process of building the Great North South Navigation Company railroad as a series of micro layouts, each one representing a single industry. There are enough sidings and switching chores to keep an operator busy for hours at a time.
He was given several cartons of original TT kits from HP, Gandy Dancer and others, so he also planned to use period materials (like track, roadbed, and scenery) for the layout. Larry compromised for the sake of good running and spiked Code 55 track to HOn3 wooden ties. At this point the layout no longer looked like it was made from 1950s kits, so Larry finished up with more modern materials (like Woodland Scenics foam).
His N-scale design measures 56x30in (142x76cm) and was inspired by Jonathan Scott’s Pizza Hill layout in Scrapbook #37a and (top of page) in his One Man Show. I asked him to take along his camera and shoot pictures of any good small layouts that he found. It’s an American model, roughly 13mm (half an inch) wide, representing a 4x8ft model layout in N scale! Many extremely tiny models have been constructed (see article above), but the ones I’ve seen fail one of more of these tests. Entries must meet both of the authenticity tests, should have at least minimal scenery, and must be received before midnight U.S. Though I disagree, this challenge will also recognize the layout entry that is the smallest relative to its gauge.
Carl came to Pittsburgh to attend Carnegie Mellon where he graduated with a degree in physics and met Sheila, his wife of 49 years.
Our system will automatically choose the best carrier at the time of shipment to help us deliver the lowest prices and fastest service possible. The pantographs can be moved manually in operation with DC power, AC power, or with Märklin Delta. Measuring just 183x100cm (72x39in), the little layout represents a typical maze of trackage found in urban centers around the world, using stock Marklin trackage. It’s a single closed circuit of track, with a seperate elevated spur to serve the crusher building.
Rather than be discouraged, I found it quite a challenge to design a layout with switches that go only one way. The basic purpose is to shuttle parts between industries, move goods on and off the layout at the interchange, and get people to and from the town.
Discussing his plans for future layouts, Markus commented, “My own experience after 40 years of model railroading is that small locomotives working on tracks smaller than H0 (or 0n30) gauge will not perform well (except Kato N machines). The design was a classic 3x4ft (90x120cm) oval with branch siding to a factory at the back. He did stay true-to-period in the scenery material, using papier-mache which is both strong and light. Long time fan and collector of TT scale Jerry Golembowski, from Grandy, North Carolina USA, persuaded Larry to uncover it and dust it off earlier this year, then took these photos and sent along the information. David’s design has a harbour in front, mine at the top, station in the middle and most of the track in tunnels.
Round and round operation is featured, because the layout is intended for exhibition use where trains must keep running at all times. Car has the same train destination signs as the two passenger cars in the 55031 set and as the passenger car, item no. Locomotive can be retrofitted with 7226 smoke generator kit; the smoke generator will operate when the locomotive is in motion and can be turned on digitally with the 6021 Control Unit. The paper reported on a study the team has performed of control systems for small motors, such as the ones that power model trains; the study suggests some dramatic improvements are needed in train control! Thus, the pattern of operations indicated by the coloured arrows can be followed without throwing any switches. The special housing, with lighting, has 30cm (1ft) legs to sit on a table top… an idea Bostjan borrowed from British layouts.

After completion, the litle layout was transported 800 miles to Bremen for the Euromodell exhibition. The HOn30 line, however, is a self-contained operating layout that interchanges with the lower-level standard gauge tracks via the warehouse in front. Some of the things I wanted include a continuous run, a small yard, engine service facilities, runarounds, several industries, a standard gage interchange, a mountain climb, and a town. Maybe others have different opinions… So I plan an 0n30 mini layout now as I have fallen in love with the Bachmann shay.
Freight is picked up and dropped off in one direction only in accordance with small branch line practice, with freight going to the end of the branch and back if needed. Built-in smoke generator and engineer's cab lighting that can be turned on and off in digital operation.
Dotted lines indicate sidings which are used for hiding unused trains (inner circles) or for passing and shunting (outer tracks). There were no other small layouts on display to provide inspiration, a sad outlook for future growth of the hobby.
Following retirement from Westinghouse, Carl threw himself into the world of micro-railroading. The direction- dependent double headlights and the smoke generator can be turned on and off in digital operation.
Built-in circuit for generating sound effects, which vary with the speed of revolution for the driving axles. Built-in sound effects circuit that can be turned and off only in digital operation, with diesel motor sound effects and optional activation of a high or low frequency locomotive horn. These lights and the smoke generator are on constantly in operation with DC power, AC power or with Märklin Delta.
Several of the micro layouts on display have been featured previously in this Scrapbook, in Nos. This web site attracted a large worldwide following, and Carl built up a collection of friends who came to know and respect him even though most had never met him in person. The brightness of these lights and the intensity of the smoke depend on the amount of voltage present in the track.
In addition, the sounds of a locomotive whistle and a bell can be turned on in digital operation. Equipped for installation of 7226 smoke generator kit (conventional operation) or Seuthe no.
Built-in sound effects circuit for digital operation with steam sound effects and locomotive whistle that can be turned on and off. Standard close coupler pocket on the tender with electrical connections for the car lighting. He and Sheila moved to Olympia in 2009 to be close to their son Giles and his family, where Carl enjoyed time with his three grandchildren. In addition, the Telex coupler mounted on the back of the locomotive can be activated in digital operation. Built-in sound effects circuit for digital operation, with a locomotive whistle that can be turned on and off. These lights are on constantly in operation with DC power, AC power or with Märklin Delta.
His wit, erudition, and creativity made this true gentleman a joy to be with, in both the real and the virtual world. Sound effects of the locomotive in operation can be turned on and off with the switch on the underside of the locomotive.
This site is a trove of microlayout ideas and examples, and so long as it continues will keep Carl's memory alive and further the hobby he loved.

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