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There are three models: the early model, 1948-54, is non-smoking and has no shade or awning over the cab side window. The 333 usually was supported by a heavy cast New York Central tender, but the first run did come with a wedge tender and a few also in later years. If you would like to see more articles about MarX, I will need your help: please give this guide a positive vote. The earliest of these engines is the open spoke pilot version which was predominately electric, but surprisingly several windup 0-4-0 versions were made and numbered 666. The very last USA version, and probably scarcest 999, has the Marx emblem moved from the boiler to the cab side and the double reduction motor is now the choice for power. Overall, this was quite a successful engine for Marx sales as these are still quite abundant, considering they have not been made for 60 years. Superb steel and tin litho 4 piece clockwork "Joy Line Sparkling Mechanical Train Set" in original box with inserts. View DetailsThis vintage Marx JOY LINE RED WIND-UP LOCOMOTIVE, TENDER, PASSENGER CARS SET is in good condition. All of Marx previous locomotives used the same basic style electric motor as they had in 1935, which was only a four driver motor.
This model is the same basic size and shape as the 333, but does have completely different detailing.
A large 2731 tender in plastic was especially made to go with this model, somewhat similar in size to the die-cast model. This was the primary attempt for greater detail as compared with the former pressed steel locos.

Manufactured by Marx and sold through Montgomery Ward it grades excellent overall and works great!Steam Locomotive (106) - early version made from stamped sheet steel and tin plated spoke wheels.
You get the engine, coal tender, flat car, and passenger car.There is 8 pieces of track originally. However, the very earliest, a transitional smoking 333 also had no awning and can be distinguished by internal casting differences. This unit makes it appearance in 1954 when the 8 wheeled plastic rolling stock starts to become available.
Since all 999 bodies have a notch for a windup key, it becomes apparent that the 666 windup was the first 999 style engine produced. Later versions, which are more frequently found, are red and black electric pressed steel, or cast iron.
Flat to satin black in color with green marker lights, wire hand rails and spoked drivers. It came in limited numbers with tinplated silver base cars in a combo freight and passenger set with sliding twist couplers around 1940. Marketed as passenger or freight, although not a Berkshire setup, the passenger sets do remind me of the Christmas Polar Express train. The Marx exclusive twist forked coupler design was also first used on the scale design cars. It appears that there must have been a problem with the pilot casting or catcher getting easily bent, so around 1947 a flat pilot or cowcatcher with a fuller thickness was finally settled on. Lithography and some embossing, and railing was used on the scale cars to provide a more realistic appeal.

The 1955 smoking engine does have differences in gearing, double reduction as opposed to single reduction on non-smokers, but is still basically the same motor, but with the intricate slide rod.
Non-smoking 1829's are weighted, while the smoking version has no room for a weight, thus the use of a traction tire was necessary. The coupler is mounted to the engine on the 1829, while the 333 had the coupler mount on the body.
Powered by coiled wire spring with unwinding speed controlled by a "flop-out" type governor.
Designed with bullet shaped boiler positioned at a slight incline (which is correct for this toy). Early 333's have their front trucks offset and have a cast pin protruding upwards to limit the movement of the wheels.
Also features notched firebox, dummy metal headlight, non-ringing nickel plated bell, side rods, and tin plated drivers. Unlike later boxes which have separate cover and sides, this example has the box components glued together with two large interior tabs.

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