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All listings sold via Auction are subject to a 15% Buyer's Premium which will be collected at checkout. Another thing worth noting is that the tin hopper has some seemingly homemade barrel cargo and one of the flat cars seems to be a log dump car that is no longer dumpable with logs glued on top. I'm a poor college kid trying to scramble some money up and I had taken this to a local shop where a guy (he didn't seem very knowledgeable) said that he'd value the set between $300 and $500. The loco has the road number 1666 on the side so it's pretty obviously that model, but the rear truck is riveted on and looks very original.

My camera is incapable of taking decent close-ups but I am going to borrow a friends so I'll have some pics of the truck soon.
It is original in thinking, If only you can figure out what it is and get identical cars to pull it. The truck also has a slit between the journals, but is much smaller than the slit on your Lionel's.
I am looking for information about the age and value of this set or anything else you may know about it.

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