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I know, I need a better camera, it does not like taking photos in low light conditions.I wish i had taken photos of the engine as I got it and then through the restoration. For the price you would spend on gas to go 300 miles you could buy a half dozen Marx 999's on eBay.
Greenberg lists five different versions of the Seaboard diesel, but i have yet to find a large electric motor version. This site has alot of good information, but you must pay to see all of it, I think it is a CD that you buy. There are a myriad of other details and variations in the mechanical CV's, but I think I've rambled on long enough for this post! I remember it was two years ago because this picture is of it running on the modular club layout at the antique tractor show (which is coming up in 2 weeks). Marx poles have two vee shaped slots molded into each side of the base at 180 degrees apart from eack other allowing them to be nailed or screwed to the train layout table. NOTE: Telephone Poles that were manufactured by Marx are often confused with those that were manufactured by Plasticville. Marx - Taller, Thicker, 10 Larger Wire Terminals, Different Size Crossarms, Round Bases with Offset Slots for Mounting. Plasticville - Shorter, Thinner, 8 Shorter Wire Terminals, Even Crossarms, Round Bases with Holes for Mounting. If you have any question about this Buy THIS Now Classified Ad Item, please contact the member. They were most commonly headed by a Canadian Pacific steamer in sets, but other engines such the 897 were used as well.

I myself never really had an interest in Marx, until a little while back, when I got hooked. Telephone Poles that were made by Marx are often confused with those that are Plasticville. The handrails and bell can be cleaned with an anti-rust solution, or you can just use fine grit sandpaper (600 or greater). I have only seen cars with automatic couplers in sets, but cars with tab-and-slot couplers may have been sold in sets as well. I picked up a boxed set of Marx trains at a garage sale, and decided to do a little research to see if it was worth anything.
Whether you would like to share a single piece, a set, or everything you own, it is all appreciated.
The Marx poles are larger and taller with an overall height of seven inches whereas the Plasticville poles are thinner and one inch shorter at six inches. I already had the tender for it from my grandpa's old Marx and AF trains, and it still needs restoration. Be sure to give the steel parts a clear coat when the rust is gone if you don't paint them, because rust and tarnish can reform rather quickly in the right conditions.
As I looked through past auctions on Ebay, I realized the endless amounts of colorful tin cars, and that someone could buy twenty different cars for the same price I was paying for a single Lionel locomotive. The next (and I believe most common) version had a simple, fully sealed pilot with the rivets on what appears to be horizontal braces. My best job so far has been this Marx 666:There was a lot of rust on it, it was missing the lead and trailing trucks, and a drive wheel.

The fifth had the Marx logo on the cab instead of the smokebox, and the sixth had no Marx logo at all. The wire handrails and bell are stainless-steel, which seems to only tarnish instead of rust. The paint seems very durable, and after existing for around 65 years, it only needed a little touch-up in a couple spots. The coal load is very flat, and the only separate detail part is the stamped ladder on the back. The whole thing is painted high-gloss black, with the yellow New York Central lettering and Marx logos printed on.
At 13 volts with a 50 watt Marx transformer, the top speed in O was around 130 MPH, and in S, 175 MPH. Through the whole speed range, just about all you can hear is the wheels on the track, some gear noise, and the hum of the AC power in the motor.
The drawbar pull is enough to pull more than ten Marx cars, but I wouldn't recommend more than five or six.

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