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After spending time in New York with clients my plans called for a quick trip to Syracuse to see family and clients in upstate New York. Unfortunately we are taking 17 instead of 80, so I am not sure how long this is going to take, but so far so good!
Avoiding stations and multiple stops, express bus lines are reviving an intercity travel option.
He could have driven that car up to Jacksonville to visit his daughter at the University of North Florida. After decades of decline, intercity bus ridership is on the rise, in large part to people like Loy who simply choose to ride rather than drive or fly.
Intercity bus ridership grew 7 percent in 2011 and was the only major long-distance passenger transportation that grew significantly, according to a study by the Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at DePaul University in Chicago. The biggest factor is what are called the curbside buses — those that pick up passengers not at a bus station, but simply at a designated place in town. Megabus, which started sending two buses a day through Jacksonville last November, is the major player in the new wave of buses that are faster and cheaper than those of a decade ago. What really started the turnaround was the Chinatown buses in the Northeast, said Fred Fravel, a bus specialist from the KFH Group, Maryland-based transportation consultants.
Those buses went from a neighborhood, not a bus station, in one city straight to a neighborhood in another city. The problem with buses in the past was that they stopped at each town along the way, making a bus ride last up to twice as long as driving, he said. But using the Chinatown buses' example, Megabus, Boltbus and others created express services.

Schwieterman said his surveys show half the people on Megabus are plugged in, twice the rate of airline passengers.
As Megabus, BoltBus and others moved into each market, they've generally avoided bus stations. Loy said when he first rode the Megabus up to Jacksonville, there were maybe 12 people on it. With all the growth in buses across the country, Fravel said there is one major drawback that few people are noticing. When Megabus moves into a market, it takes a large chunk of the riders off the buses that stop in each town along the way.
If bus rapid transit is just like rail only cheaper, someone needs to look up the definition of the word CHEAP! There is a huge downside to what the industry refers to as 'parasite bus carriers.' By skimming the cream off of the market by offering non-stop end point to end point service, EVERYTHING in the middle is left out.
Normally I take Amtrak as business class upgrades are cheap, and the ability to walk around, buy food, and power at your seat makes the trip very productive.
Most of their advertising shows $1 fares that are only available by booking far in advance.
Hopefully none of the Megabus management will talk with airline management and learn about these silly (but profitable) checked bag fees. I frequently take Megabus from Toronto to Buffalo, NY (as it's much, much cheaper to fly from BUF) -- and I agree, it's a great value (especially if one can score sub-$10 fares). In Jacksonville, Megabus uses the Skyway Express stop near the Prime Osborn Convention Center.

Now the buses that roll in from Atlanta and Orlando each day are double-deckers that seat 80.
Red Coach came into Jacksonville last year, with one bus running north and south between Tampa, Orlando, Daytona Beach and Jacksonville.
It's still in 12 other Florida cities and could come back to Jacksonville, a spokeswoman said, but it would probably be for a longer trip, such as to Miami.
Trailways is gone but for some franchise operators, and Greyhound has had to abandon 4,000 communities nationwide.
However, as I was walking on 23rd street the other night I noticed a Megabus with signs indicating cheap fares to Syracuse, Rochester, Buffalo, and Toronto from New York City. Might be a cheap way to get to the New York airports if you need to mileage run from there. Ridership for the express bus trips has steadily grown to where Megabus officials say their 80-seat coaches are 75 to 80 percent full.
Greyhound has 22 routes a day out of its station in downtown Jacksonville; six of them are express. It wasn't long ago the Bus lines were in jeopardy of going out of business all together or being nationalised.

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