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Both Melissa & Doug are thorough perfectionists and place the highest attention to detail on every toy. Melissa & Doug specialize in simple, traditional toys, which are far more enriching and supportive in children’s development as opposed to modern, computer-based.
Specifically, Melissa & Doug’s wide range of wooden toys offers many long-term benefits.
One of the first wooden toys by Melissa & Doug, the Fuzzy Farm Puzzle, was launched in 1991.
Within wooden toys, some of the most popular toys from Melissa & Doug are the wooden doll houses. Another highlight among the wooden toys are the full rail sets, featuring tracks, trains, bridges, and many more. Melissa & Doug also offer wooden toys, which help in developing the creative skills of kids. For kids who are learning to walk, the Chomp & Clack Alligator Push Toy makes walking fun with its entertaining, chomping sound. Apart from the ones mentioned above, Grasshopper Toys features many more wooden toys offered by Melissa & Doug.
Melissa & Doug as a brand are committed to creating simple, yet entertaining toys that also help in developing the skills among children. Why We Like It: Train sets are the perfect toys for children who love to build and use their imaginations. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Wooden toy trains are as classic boy as you can get, and my 4 year old loves the constructing, destructing, driving, and crashing that is inevitably involved. Like all their toys, the Melissa & Doug train sets are made of wood and are solid and nearly indestructible. The Swivel Bridge Train Set comes with a wooden tunnel and a swivel bridge with gates that automatically open and close.
Building fancy train tracks is something I can really get into, so it’s a great way to keep us all entertained together.

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My son loves cars and loves wooden puzzles so when he received the Melissa and Doug magnetic tow truck puzzle he was thrilled!!
Most of their toys are developed by observing playing kids and understanding the little things that engage children. Melissa & Doug’s toys help in developing creativity and also help in the natural development of the children. Within a few days, the toy instantly caught the imagination of kids who simply loved the fuzzy pigs. Be it the vast and classy Victorian Dollhouse or the three-story Multi-Level Wooden Dollhouse, the dollhouses include furniture, unlike some other brands which require you to purchase furniture separately.
For example, the Wooden Railway Set or the Swivel Bridge Train Set can provide hours and hours of fun with railways. For example, for the young painting enthusiast, there is the Deluxe Standing Art Easel featuring two different types of drawing boards. Or the Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter with 26 blocks of animals trains the kids on how to sort different shapes.
A few features may have changed with time, but these toys have never failed in delighting kids. Whether your child follows the directions and sets the track up as shown in the photo above or forgoes the instructions and creates his or her own railroad lines, this toy is sure to capture your railroad enthusiast’s attention for hours on end.
The Melissa and Doug Swivel Train Set is available from our affiliate Amazon for less than $45. Moving parts are always a huge hit with my boys, and Elliot has swiveled that thing to death! As one customer remarked, the toys are so much more than hitting buttons and hearing noises.
The wooden doll houses can keep kids glued for a long time as they imagine their dolls playing various roles.

For kids who are into music, the Learn-To-Play piano with 25 keys is the perfect toy for introducing the piano to the kids. The Big Truck Building Set requires kids to build a truck using child-friendly hammer, screwdriver, nuts and bolts, and thus help in the development of fine motor and problem-solving skills. The set comes with 45+ pieces, including ascending and descending track, a swivel bridge and covered tunnel, and a three-car train. It includes ascending and descending track, track supports, a 3-car train, a covered bridge and a swivel bridge.
The Zoo Animal Train Set also comes with a 3-car train, and two of the cars have little baskets and a little painted wooden animal that fits in each one. What’s amazing about this growth is they have never advertised in magazines, radio or television. Within rail sets, there’s also the Whittle World – Train Platform Play, which includes a train, a platform and five passengers. The Band-in-a-Box with a wooden crate and six musical instruments is another toy that helps in developing musical skills. For building a farm, there’s the Farm Blocks Play Set, which includes 36 pieces of farm such as fences, trees, animals, etc.
Also available is the High Sea Symphony Musical Instruments with four sound-creating instruments. The tracks and trains are compatible with most other wooden train sets on the market, so it’s easy to add onto this train set as your child grows and is ready for more track. Melissa and Doug also makes a smaller Figure-Eight track set for younger children and a Deluxe set for older children.

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