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06:23 - 3rdWorldDayum, I completely missed out the Death Grips Interview 2016 instrumental release and its fucking incredible. Year after year a special vehicle leaves for Wacken Open Air, the biggest heavy metal festival in the world: the Metal Train!
The Metal Train is the only train in the year which brings you from Stuttgart to Itzehoe in one go, and the price includes a CD and the shuttle bus from Itzehoe to Wacken which would normally cost you another 10 bucks. However, if you pack four metalheads into a car and let them drive from Stuttgart to Wacken, it costs each of them merely 50 €. I give my ticket to the supervisor and - in typical festival manner - get a wristband in exchange. The disco wagon in the middle of the train is just that: a heavy metal disco with two bars, a DJ who keeps the crowd going and a huge space in the middle where people keep headbanging and moshing. Less than an hour later we already reach our second stop Mainz-Bischofsheim, which also serves the Frankfurt metropolitan area.
The people in one compartment however didn't just let me go and asked me for a photo session. Brother alcohol was starting to get the better of me (even more so as I had finally found someone with a keg of cider), so it was high time to investigate why exactly people chose the Metal Train over driving by car, sharing a ride or flying to the nearest airport. Now if Wacken is the only festival of the year for you or if you come from abroad just for Wacken Open Air and travel by plane or train, you might want to consider going to Stuttgart and make the most out of your Wacken experience.
It's kinda petty but as the self-appointed supreme authority on cheapest possible travel, i wanna correct you on the trains being expensive point. Wir konnen bereits jetzt mitteilen, dasss die Abfahrt in Munchen etwas fruher als in der vergangenen Jahren sein wird.
Alle bis dahin bezahlten Anmeldungen werden wir bearbeiten und die Tickets (Zugfahrkarten und ggf. About This CategoryAll things to do with travelling hopefully, and arriving?See also the collection of places and sights, and Aloha Earth!
750 metalheads in 13 wagons and a special disco wagon sure sound like a whole lot of fun, but is it really worth the 120 € for the 777 km from Stuttgart in the South of Germany to Itzehoe in the far North and retour?

More than 20% of them come from abroad, most of those (approximately 150) from Switzerland. The cheapest option by regular rail would cost you 90 € one-way(!) and would require you to change trains a whopping 8 (eight!!) times.
So far I can't spot any metalheads, so I opt to visit Burger King for a last proper meal. And this is where the party already starts: while waiting for the Metal Train to arrive, the black bunch is already killing a few beers and keeps singing and cheering. This is where the metal breed goes when partying on the aisles and in the compartments gets too boring. By now it is pretty tightly packed and if you're a claustrophobic you are in big trouble if you want to get from the front half of the train to the rear half. The welcome of the new ones wasn't as frenetic as it was in Mannheim, probably because people are either too drunk already or too busy partying. One reason is that you can't lock away your valuables at the campground of the festival.
It might not be cheap, but hey, if you travel that far only for Wacken Open Air, money shouldn't really be an issue. The occasional passers-by who want to go to platform 4 look either frightened or amused, especially as one guy keeps flashing his buttocks towards the people in the train on track 4 waiting to depart. If the atmosphere is this awesome in the station already, what is it going to be like on board?? No problem, the crowd packs its stuff and migrates to the other platform while waving German, Swiss and Swedish flags. By the time I get to the disco wagon I have already tasted a dozen different beers and have got to know three times as many people. Greeted by the passengers of the train with handshakes and cheers, the new guys make their way to their wagons. It would be great if Metal Train sells more tickets next year to make the return of the second disco wagon feasible again where the musical program could be different from the other disco wagon, pretty much in the vein of Wacken's two main stages dubbed True Metal Stage and Black Stage.

I am pretty drunk myself, after all I've been walking from one end of the train to the other twice by now, have met a shitload of new people and got to try a shitload of beers. I was too drunk to register it anyway, so fuck that) have lifted the overall spirit in the train, so the welcome in Cologne's central station is even more frantic than it was in Mannheim.
Normally people who arrive here have to buy a ticket for the shuttle bus to cover the last 20 km to their point of destination. The other reason is that you have to carry everything yourself, which isn't much of an issue if you have a handcart with you. In fact they almost messed up my June holidays last year by postponing the starting date of one of their offers by two weeks.
And as the newcomers who've gotten on board in Mainz are from my area, I try to find someone who has some original Hessian cider, the only thing we people from Hesse love more than beer.
Metal Train passengers however have their own bus which they already have paid for with the Metal Train ticket. And if you drive a Mini you can actually bring along more luggage if you don't go by car. But what do I know, if I wanted to travel cheap, I'd just share a ride or use my thumb. Apparently his expectations that the Metal Train is one huge rolling party have just been confirmed. Well, two busses actually and they need to commute several times between Itzehoe and Wacken, so that the slowest bunch of people (which includes me) needs to wait for about an hour until we can finally board the bus.
By now people were already lying on top of each other while others were walking by, stuck in their heads in curiosity and got told the same thing: "Get the hell in here!

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