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Everyone thanks for the help, it got me thinking for sure, please keep the ideas coming.Mike and Frederic thanks for the kind words but change needs to happen on this Micro.
I like the idea of the dump but rather than an engine shed on the upper level, I'd go for some sort of horizontal shaft mine.It wouldn't have to be connected to the upper level track (though it could be) and it would dump into the On30 siding at the rear of the lower level. No progress on this other than adding trees but my son and I had an operating session tonight. Larry do you have to handlay On20 or is TT or some other commercially made scale out there that will work?
I need some fresh ideas on what to do with this micro, even if it means tearing out the mountains.My ON30 Micro Layout was first built a couple of years ago for my wife as a Christmas display. It's a mental thing for me right now to finish something I think is incomplete.Dan, I like your idea of boxing this in more to limit the viewing to just the scene in the front and the back.

Amazing we were able to run 6 different 2 car trains on the lower loop using two dcc controllers. Also try craigslist for your n scale train layout For cut-rate sale 195 Train nitrogen Scale Layout 195 ne Tucson N plate Train Layout. We send you an e-mail merry when the matter you’re inquisitory for on Craigslist gets posted. I have some premade HOn3 turnouts without ties so I may try to handlay if or when the time comes along. Well we got the mountains almost finished and the Layout has been in the Garage ever since collecting dust. I think that the light bulb just went off and the repair shed and engine servicing should be in a second scene in the back of the layout.Tom and KP, I was looking at the vertical mine in the latest NG&SLG but for some reason I only thought of it for the shoebox challenge I am working on in ON30.

I will have to think some more on that.Cody, I was hoping there would be some stuff in the mail that could help me out. Cars buildings track etc MTH caravan Layout Engines Cars and Buildings 2 go 4 N plate Layout For Craigslist Search Craigslist is no longer supported.
I need some type of buildings and a scene in the back storage area.The ON30 track is hand laid in the front and works really well so I do not want to change the track.

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