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Preface:     The micro fleet series is a new sub-line from MEGA BLOKS being offered in 2014. Preface:               The micro fleet series is a new sub-line from MEGA BLOKS being offered in 2014. Micro Scale Star Wars Scenes is a project on LEGO CUUSOO created by toomuchcaffe on April 24th, 2012. A series of these scenes would allow you to collect, build and display some of the epic scenes from the movies, but without hitting the high costs of the biggest minifig-scale sets.

All content, product photographs and graphics are © 1989-2016 Micro-Scale Models, Inc, All rights reserved. Suggestions for any improvements would be gratefully-received, and I intend to build more example scenes over the coming weeks. Your micro scale models capture the essence of iconic Star Wars™ scenes into a small space. There could also be micro scale versions of Jabba's Palace, Coruscant, the Yavin temple, etc etc.

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