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Congress enacted the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 and we must now note that these ARE NOT TOYS, AND ARE NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY CHILDREN UNDER AGE OF 14. Proper trip pin alignment is important for smooth reliable and effective coupling and uncoupling.
The pictures above, and throughout this website, are the property of Zscale Monster Trains.
Diese sogenannte ODR-Verordnung (Online Dispute Resolution) hat das Ziel, eine unabhangige, unparteiische, transparente, effektive, schnelle und faire au?ergerichtliche Moglichkeit zur Beilegung von Streitigkeiten zu schaffen. Das Ziel dieser Verordnung soll durch die Einrichtung einer Online- Streitbeilegungsplattform (OS-Plattform) auf EU-Ebene und die Regelung der Zusammenarbeit mit den nationalen Stellen fur die alternative Streitbeilegung erreicht werden.
Basically I cut a channel through the Woodland Scenics track bed and under the interfering trackage. Using a product called NeoLube (available from Micro-Mark), I blackened the brass and set it in place. Then using a drill & tap set, I was able to attach the brass tubing to the track throw tie and the ground throw using 00-90 screws.
I glued the ground throw down with a tiny dab of glue and held it in place with a couple of track spikes until the glue dried for 24 hours. So what I've done is added a length of square brass tubing to the end of the throw arm.
It's basically the same concept as the RC plane pushrods, but a lot smaller and cheaper.
Parts of this can also be used to replace a screw connected truck when the threads have stripped. Next I removed the old trucks by inserting a screw driver under the truck and giving it a twist to pop the trucks off.

The above paragraph is also a procedure for replacing truck mounting where the threads are stripped. In a couple of days I will post part 2 showing how to install a body monted Kadee #5 coupler and coupler box. I am in the midst of what should be a simple project involving an AHM tank car -- but with a tank car the mounting of a Kadee coupler draft gear box is not so clean and simple, and moreover the car is seriously underweight -- and is the very devil to pry open without damage. I have also been upgrading an old Athearn 62' tank car which is similarly underweight -- only to learn that the weight that Adair Shops makes for this very model is out of stock at Walthers with no expected date of shipment. If I was really sentimental, or there was a car that was quite unique and no better alternative, it might be worth it to do that upgrade. When I got the Tichy truck frames, my first step was to paint and weather them, so as each one goes on it's ready for the layout.
These are used for the majority of the #540 00 000 series Husky Stack Well Cars, with a few exceptions. These are great for your custom built items, to store in and to safely travel to the next club meeting. This simple, yet effective, Trip Pin Height Gauge gives you the correct measurement every time.
Diese Streitigkeiten konnen sich aus dem grenzuberschreitenden Online-Verkauf von Waren oder der Bereitstellung von Dienstleistungen innerhalb der gesamten EU ergeben. Not counting the drying time for the NeoLube, this took me probably less than 10 minutes per switch.
The NeoLube has a slick finish so I'm not too worried about trouble with the travel of the throw.
My aim is to convert the friction pin connected trucks with truck mounted couplers with screw connected trucks and body mounted couplers.

I removed the bottom of the car by prying with a screw driver until it popped off the 4 mounting pins. When the wheels contact the brass brushes, the loco receives power so the motor can turn the wheels, cleaning begins.
I glued this part in and let set overnight to ensure in was hard in place before drilling and tapping. Works well as a gluing jig for setting between-the-track uncouplers, holding them in position while the glue dries. I used brass and steel initially, and had to replace several turnout controls when they rusted tight after applying plastercloth and ballast. I was careful to keep the weight away from the holes where the truck screws could stick through.
I cut the tube to length, glued it unto the bolster, leaving it flush with the bolster top, and let it set overnight. Kadee sells a kit #246 that includes the 2-56 tap, the #43 tap drill and a #50 clearence drill. Once I know everything is going to work the way I want it to I paint and weather the ties and rail.

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