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Shannon Young's delightful "Shannonia" is a microscale LEGO city that recently underwent some urban expansion, finding itself suddenly next to an ocean. I may have to rip off Shannon's idea, as this really appeals to my microburst OCD inclinations. Boing Boing uses cookies and analytics trackers, and is supported by advertising, merchandise sales and affiliate links. These smaller 30 ml syringes are perfect for use with our Microscale Vacuum Apparatus (VAC-10) or Basic Gas Collecting Kit (GAS-300), especially for students with limited hand strength.
I ordered 3 of these to use in small groups for my high school chemistry class for our unit on gas laws.
I used this to inflate deflated balloons, turn a dab of shaving cream into a mound of it, make water "boil" below its boiling point, and turn play putty into a bubble filled blob.

Everything the educator, school, science teacher or homeschool instructor could need (and more!) for science projects, teaching lessons and experiments for science in the classroom, teacher activities and ideas for science fair projects. If I ever needed to take a little break during the day I could construct a new tower or do some landscaping. By reducing the pressure in the microscale bell jar, they can expand a balloon, boil warm water, and even transfer liquids from one pipet to another. I wasn't so sure how they would work since I'm more used to a large (expensive!) vacuum pump.
Instead of watching me operate my big fancy vacuum pump, students themselves can perform air pressure investigations.
They can watch a marshmallow or shaving cream increase in volume as the pressure is reduced and learn about how extremely low pressure affects the world around them.

Observing the effect of pressure changes on a balloon, water, suction cup, and marshmallow chick really helps them identify evidence of invisible forces. Look for leakage source when the object "breathes" in the bell jar instead of growing continuously larger. Instead of passively observing a demonstration, students can actively experiment on their own and observe the results right before their eyes.More advanced high school and college level students can study Boyle's and Raoult's Laws and finally understand the relationship between vapor pressure, temperature, and boiling point.
And the kids really enjoyed being able to do the activities themselves rather than just watching me do them.

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