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Google Ads are only seen by non-members of RMweb - Create an RMweb account and you'll only receive modelling ads. I just picked up the new Kato Gunderson Maxi-I well car set, which is a beautiful model, so I pulled out allmost of my intermodal equipment and put it on my test track.
This is a beautiful model (as one would expect from Kato), with metal wells and metal wheels, complete with 6 53' containers.
This is somewhat cruder than the units above, as the casting of the metal wells isn't as fine and the detail is less.
This is a finely detailed set, with separate 5th-wheel connectors in collapsed (for containers) or assemble-yourself raised (for trailers) versions. A very finely detailed plastic well car, so a bit light for empty operation (needs at least one weighted container). A model of a strange and short-lived prototype - a 4-wheel spine car designed for 45' road trailers.
A nicely detailed model available in single, three-car, six-car, and ten-car sets (by car, I mean trailer). This is a well detailed model, available either with container racks and containers, or with 5th-wheel mounts. This is a crude lump of metal, with a saving grace that it represents a different configuration of car to the MT one.
Kato: 40' high cube and 53' containers with fine pins, magnets and metal plates to hold them together. Deluxe Innovations: A wide selection of containers including 20', 40', 40' high cube, 45', 48', and 53' in various styles including refrigerated ones.
I'm sure I saw an advert somewhere for a retail site that was specific to N and Inter-Modal stuff. These etches really do make quite a differenece but it does make them a little delicate when handling.
Fine N-Scale made resin 48' Thrall wells, requiring the Gold Medal detail kit (for the Walthers Thrall cars) and MicroTrains trucks. These files are stored on your computer and help remember your login name, display name and the site content that you have already read or contributed to. To confirm your understanding and acceptance of this please click on OK to continue using the site. New products for the week of August 1, 2013New model railroad products from Kato USA, Walthers, Atlas Model Railroad Co., and more! Pacific Western Rail Systems Exclusive N Scale Micro-Trains CSX 2 Bay Center Flow Covered Hopper 6-Pack.

PORTERS Members: Remember all Micro-Trains purchases earn Micro-Trains Manufacturer Credits that can be used towards current and future Micro-Trains PORTERS Club Lounge Cars such as the car below. It then occurred to me that I should take photos of it all, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.
It has Kato couplings on each end which are mostly compatible with Microtrains (MT), and has metal wheels.
The comments about the Maxi-IV apply to this one, except that they seem easier to connect together.
They come as a connected set, in packaging that allows them to be stored with containers in the wells, but they don't come with any containers. The wells have detents in them to match the fine pins on Walthers own containers, but which also match the ones on the Kato containers. It is a permanently connected set, but the packaging will hold a loaded set (like the Deluxe packaging).
Unfortunately, the cars will not fit back in the packaging with the raised 5th-wheel connectors. Mine came with Rapidos, so have had their trucks replaced, but the Athearn versions come with knuckle couplers.
They run well as long as you have shallow curves (Edit: on tighter curves the wheels bind against the underside). Nicely detailed in many different liveries, but with no positive interlocking for stacking. Fine interlocking pins, unfotunately on the top (rather than the bottom as in the Kato and Walthers ones). I just picked up a pair of kits (4 wells) because they were cheap - otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. New paint schemes: Atlantic Coast Line, Canadian Pacific, Railink Canada (RailAmerica scheme), Reading Co. Plastics hoppers: Amoco, Dow Chemical (1991 paint scheme), Goodrich, and Louisiana-Pacific. Some people complain about the difficulty of connecting the cars together, but I don't find it difficult. It is a connected set , again with packaging to hold the unit when loaded, but no containers included. As supplied, mine came with Rapido couplers, so I replaced the trucks (bogies) with MT ones. The wells themselves are similar in quality and detail to the Walthers ones, but the supplied detail is much better.

These usually come with Con-Cor containers, either two 48' or one 48' and one 53', with (one of) the 48' container(s) containing a weight. Some of the detail needs to be added yourself, and the trailers can be configured for road or rail operation. Also available with an adjustable-length spine trailer and either a Volvo road tractor or an Ottawa yard tractor. Dual truck motors, directional headlights and taillights (front and rear), and Kato knuckle couplers.
Train control bar is a combination control panel and train window for running and viewing the selected trains. It is a pity nobody makes a 53' road trailer to carry on these (Edit: Deluxe makes 53' trailers based on their Roadrailers). There is something a little strange about the way that they sit in road configuration, though.
Due to the design of the prototype, containers are a tight fit in these cars, with Deluxe Innovations' own containers being the best fit.
The packaging will only hold the cars, not the containers - needless to say, it doesn't come with containers.
I believe the 3-car versions of these may have come with the 5th-wheel connectors pre-assembled. Etched-metal running boards, longitudinal mounted air reservoir, and Accumate knuckle couplers.
It will take a 40' container in the lower position and anything up to a 48' container in the upper one.
Slow Speed motor with dual brass flywheels, directional lighting, and Accumate knuckle couplers.
Paragon2 dual-mode sound and control system, five-pole can motor with flywheel, and plastic and die-cast metal construction.
Cast-resin kit with decals but no trucks, couplers, grab irons, ladders, or other detail parts.
Positionable cab windows, detailed cab interior, prototype-specific details, and Proto-Max knuckle couplers.

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