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Do you want the reliability of Micro-Trains Trucks and Couplers but have the time, the tools, or the desire to upgrade your fleet? Streamlined Backshop Services can install Micro-Trains trucks and couplers on nearly any car in your fleet. All materials including the Micro-Trains coupler conversion kits must be purchased seperately. I offer the following skills and qualifications and am confident you will be satisfied with my work.
Sign up to receive great DCC Tips and information about New Products, Pre-Orders, Sales, and Special Promotions. For installations on CON-COR Sekisui cars with larger king pin holes in underframe casting, using bushing with small diameter hole (provided with Micro-Trains trucks): Carefully press small step of bushing into top side of large hole in underframe as tight as it will go. After couplers are installed, follow testing instructions below to assure proper operations.
Place car on track, and check coupler height using Micro-Trains #1055 Coupler Height Gauge (Fig. If couplers cross the wrong way over uncoupler, locking closed instead of open, adjust trip pin angle. Remove trucks from underbody to make it easier to hold on to them and to avoid damaging side frames. To keep wheel sets properly gauged and to test couplers, use Micro-Trains #1055 Height Gauge.

Coupler conversion kit fits many varieties  of flexible, split 1-piece draft gear box designs. Kit includes 2 pair, unassembled short length T-shank couplers with draft gear box adaptors to be used in any existing standard split 1-piece truck mounted draft gear box. I used the MTL website to choose my couplers, but I wonder if anyone there has ever tried them in a LL loco.
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Couplers should move freely from side to side, in and out, always returning to center position. Hold truck with thumb and forefinger of one hand, place thumb of other hand on opposite side frame. If car is drawn into magnet, add one or more restraining springs to axles (one per axle), to create additional drag. This terrific tool does six jobs 1) wheel width gauge, 2) uncoupler gluing jig (hold uncoupler in place), 3) track width gauge, 4) car underframe (coupler mounting platform) height gauge, 5) coupler height gauge, and 6) trip pin height gauge (#1056 is included in the #1055 package). Make sure bulge part of kingpin hole is towards center of car, to give added clearance for coupler draft gear box.
After trucks are installed, using original screws, follow testing instructions below, to assure proper operation. If it doesn't, add a puff of Micro-Trains #231 Greas-em, and workcoupler back and forth to burnish parts.

Using index fingenail, gently spread truck side frame just enough to clear axle cone of wheel set, allowing it to drop free. For all others, it is recommended to replace existing trucks with Micro-Trains Magne-Matic Trucks. I found the instructions unclear, the lack of an exploded diagram frustrating, and the parts tiny. If trip pin is too short or long, adjust by pulling or pushing up or down in coupler shank. As you remove one original wheel set, replace it with a new Micro-Trains wheel set, to lessen the chance of causing damage to side frame. I have had great results installing MT trucks on my older rail cars, but that was vastly simpler than trying to install these couplers.
A dab of saliva from your tongue will help hold spring in position while pushing axle and spring back into truck side frame.

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