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Just getting started changing over couplers on my older rolling stock to one brand.This kit comes with the necessities to make the job easier. Micro-Trains 98800031 - Five Tools in One - Discount Train: A huge variety of model trains and accessories at deep discounts! More recently I've seen a 2 locomotive consist crossing the old rail bridge over the Cape Fear, usually heading into Wilmington. Another local train pulls covered hoppers and tankers to the Martin Marietta quarry in Castle Hayne. In the spring of 2011 I spotted a unit train of open hoppers coming from the quarry, pulled by Dash 8's, and probably headed back to Hamlet.

Early February 2012 a unit train with empty hoppers was heading past MP 367 back toward Davis Yard. Near the end of March 2012, a couple big locomotives, CSX 63 and CSX 986, were pulling a string of empty hoppers back to Davis Yard. Information on scanning railroad radio traffic, and these are the frequencies used in my area.
MTL: Turnout power adapters four packMicro-Trains 99040916 Turnout power adapters four pack Converts manual turnouts into remote turnouts.
MTL: Turnout power adapters two packMicro-Trains 99040916B Turnout power adapters two pack Converts manual turnouts into remote turnouts.

First class communication and reasonable shipping charges.Not received the item as yet, but UK experiencing delays due to recent weather conditions.
Mine arrived in the 98409003 Large Plastic  Jewel Case, with cut-out foam for all the accessories included in the kit.

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