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The first pic is from the rear with most of the car cut away and the new upper and lower side rails. The hardest part was to create a wider chassis in the passenger compartment while trying to keep the sleek flowing lines that I like. This picture is of the 'A' pillar bent, fishmouthed and tacked into place along with the support bars between the 'A' and 'B' pillars. Like I mentioned the little things take time and don't look like much is getting done now that most of the tubing is bent, fishmouthed and tacked into place. This picture is of the antenna bung (the one machined the previous night) welded onto the 'B' pillar.
This picture is of the upper radiator mounting brackets that will be welded to the underside of the upper crossbar just behind the seats. Well I didn't get much time last night but was able to get a couple of small items taken care of. A large number of models have been released, including the majority of major and minor characters from the TV Series. In the early 1990's, TOMY had previously produced a line of Thomas characters in their TOMY TRAINS Range. Since the early 1990s, TOMY has produced a wide array of Thomas and Friends-based Motor Road and Rail merchandise. In 2007 when HIT Took TOMYs Contract, they made some sets that comes with a special flip-face engine.

To expand the collection, Tomy introduced Expansion Sets, feauturing famous landmarks from the show. Most engines in the Trackmaster playsets have different "Flip" faces and in the Thomas at Tidmouth Sheds Set Thomas is Remote Controllable which can make him go backward and forwards and can sound the whistle or play a tune.
Despite that The TOMY Brand is always stating that the Engines aren't compatible with other Brands is not always neccasarilly True.
A Discovery through YouTube a Track from a Set Called the Mini-Express came with Blue Track simillar to TOMY's but with a Space Between it and with several spaces looking like Track Beams. It had been noticed by Fans that the Engines run well on The Wooden Track from Learning Curve, Brio etc. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. The engines run on a special plastic blue "track", and the roadway vehicles run on a special gray "road". However most of the engines have been re-released at Toys-R-Us and include more cars, similar to the original TOMY Motor Road and Rail Models. Note that the Engines First Carriage is Connected to them (Thomas to Annie, Percy to Mail Truck, James to Tender, Diesel 10 to Splatter, and Toby to Henrietta) and cannot be taken off. The Engines are Discovered through [2] created by tonypilot featured that track though tonypilot stated to Bladez636 on another remake [3] that it wasn't TOMY Track. By joining our free community you will have access to post topics, communicate privately with other members (PM), respond to polls, upload content and access many other special features.

Thomas Tomica Road & Rail is not compatible with other brands of model railway, although several fans have noticed that the cars fit well on The Learning Curve wooden track. HIT Toys' Trackmaster engines are still compatible with Tomy's Motor Rail and Road merchandise. Throughout Youtube and various other sites people (Notably TomTomica) show their skills on making custom Engines.
Other Well Known fittings are that the engines run well on Blue track from a Set Called the Mini-Express and the 2 Coaches from a Special Christmas set from Hornby fit well on the track. Trackmaster's life-like brown colored track is easily connected to existing blue track from TOMY (two adapters are included in every playset).
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Another exciting modification is special face-changing engines, that are included in some sets.

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