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According to the website of Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg, book in advance to avoid a long wait time.
The Las Vegas piece of the America section uses one-tenth of all the exhibit’s lights. The Scandinavia section uses real water, and simulates changes in the tide every 30 minutes! If you are in northern Germany and are a fan of model trains, or are looking for an indoor activity in Hamburg, the Miniatur Wunderland Hamburg should absolutely be on your to-do list.
Advertise with Us Professional Services Press & Destination Campaigns Case Studies Why Work with Us? Over 13 kilometres of track and more than 900 trains help make Hamburg’s miniature railway the largest in the world.
But in case you are wondering, or indeed worrying about the future of Europe, (and how a polar bear managed to find his way to the Alps, let alone wrestle with the clips on a pair of ski boots) all the drama’s are mini ones.
But I soon get used to it and start to feel like a celebrity as the flash bulbs go off on the other side of the tracks. The Control Room keeps watch for curious fingers and to keep the whole world running smoothly. In the control room a fellow English speaker points out one of the twin owners, standing in the centre of it all with a walkie talkie. The Airport took years to build and has a full schedule of take-offs and landings throughout the day. Over a million visitors a year come to Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg making it one of Germany’s most popular tourist attractions.
You can see a map of our journey on The Family Adventure Project Punkt! and view some exclusive behind the scenes photos and video of what we got up to. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Hamburg, Germany - June 16th, 2013: Miniature replica of Hamburg's landmarks in the worlds largest model railway build up in Miniatur-Wonderland Hamburg.

The world's largest model railway is Germany's "Miniature Wonderland" taking 1,300 square meters of model area. Literally; the bride is pregnant and her father chases after the would-be groom with a rifle. It feels a little odd at first, squatting under the corner of a model train set to look at the underside of tracks, before squashing into a small space to see locomotives recharge their batteries, and then crouching in the airport wings waiting for a plane to land. Vehicles arrive, park with their wing mirrors touching the copper charging terminals and recharge.
While crowds jostle to watch the evening lights dim in Sweden; I pop up behind the hotels and houses, my cheeks pink against glassy white snow. The cruise ships are remote controlled and dock behind the scenes using magnetic docking technology. He persuaded his twin brother, Gerrit, to sell up their nightclub businesses and invest in something more creative. Dust is the enemy here, and to keep it off the rails, full sized humans begin dusting at 4am each day and work until the first visitors arrive.
We spent summer 2012 exploring Iceland and The Faroes, researching what’s on offer for adventure seeking families. A professional writer and poet, she's the creative and journalistic force behind many of the stories and features published here. In Scandinavia, the meticulous detail extends to a northern Baltic Sea filled with 33,000 litres of running water, in which low and high tide are simulated every 30 minutes. Miniatur Wunderland is a story of passion and vision; a story of two brothers creating something imaginative and unique. On the roof of a nearby skyscraper Spiderman is about to wrestle an arch enemy while down below King Kong is frightening a teeny blonde.
But like most of those who dream big, they started small, working on miniature versions of Germany and Austria.
And despite their efforts, derailments can happen, which like in real life, can cause a backlog of commuters and trains.

We’re grateful to Smyril Line for help with transport, to Berghaus and Thule who helped equip us for the journey. She's a co-founder and co-director of The Family Adventure Project and also works as the #poetinmotion producing and performing poetry for print, video and live performance.
The Family Adventure Project is our long term experiment in doing active, adventurous things together. They have a model of Hamburg, an airport, Scandinavia and Austria, and a section modeled after the U.S. While almost everything is tiny here, the crowds are the exception to the rule, so it’s worth paying an extra few Euros to have this exclusive access to, in, under, above and around the eight huge sets. And perched behind another set, I smile at the cameras before starting to wonder if my nose looks big next to a miniature version of the space shuttle.
And to Miniatur Wunderland who invited us in to look behind the  scenes and bring you this story.  All experiences, views and opinions are however, as ever, our own. During the hour long tour you can quiz an English speaking guide about how it all works and how it came to be. To keep curious fingers from increasing the likelihood of this, there are 300 cameras on site, with a team of people watching out for transgressions.
The model railway layout is divided into eight sections: 1) America and the United States on 100 square meters, 2) Scandinavia (Denmark, Sweden and Norway) on 300 square meters, 3) The city of Hamburg on 200 square meters, 4) The fictitious city of Knuffingen on 120 square meters, 5) Harz and central Germany on 120 square meters, 6) Knuffingen Airport on 150 square meters, 7) Austria, Bavaria and the Alps on 100 square meters and 8) Switzerland on 250 square meters.
And given the accident prone nature of these countries, there is little doubt the polar bear on ski’s is going to come to a sticky end.
Who knows what they’d achieve or what might happen if you start small, think big, share your toys and double your vision?

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