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The fourth Sunday of every month often finds us at Bracken Ridge for a ride - or several - on one of the mini trains chugging around the park.

You can see them all going by from your spot in the queue.There are plenty of people waiting with cameras in hand and others waving to the passing trains while waiting for their turn. All money raised goes back into the community by way of the club.The members also act as drivers, ticket sellers, train fixers and stationmaster on the day. If you are watching the station and a steam train pulls in you may get to see the driver filling up with coal and water.One of the favourite trains is a Thomas the Tank Engine look alike.
The ride itself goes for a few minutes and may be one or two laps of the circuit depending on the queue.
For those with a mechanical bent there is always some sort of work being carried out on the trains. It navigates through the scenery of Balboa Park, goes through a tunnel, and passes near another kid favorite – the Balboa Park Historic Carousel.

If you are looking for something more than what is offered in a cafe, Balboa Park’s Prado Restaurant is more of an upscale full service restaurant. The Balboa Park Miniature Railroad and the San Diego Zoo share the same main entrance from Park Boulevard. If you approach Balboa Park using southbound SR-163, traffic occasionally backs up a little over a mile before reaching the Park Boulevard Exit, which is the same exit for the I-5 northbound. Likewise, if you are planning to get on SR-163 northbound after leaving the Miniature Railroad, plan on a short delay during the mid and late afternoon hours as a few entrance ramps merge together before reaching the highway.

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