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Due to Workplace, health & Safety Regulations, please ensure everyone has enclosed foot-wear on, so you and your family can enjoy riding our trains. Founded in 1948, The Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society of Australia, (SLSLS), is one of the oldest Miniature Steam Societies, that continue to run today. They have created and laid their track in a park like venue, which incorporates going under bridges (the bridges are great for photo opportunities). The tracks have stub points and throw over lever systems (manual moving of the points on track) and even a signal box and maintenance area. Red light indicates yes you guessed it stop.Yellow light at your next signal you must stop at the station.
This indicator system is still used with the modern electric trains that we catch everyday. In the centre is a Kiosk which sells cakes, drinks, hot dogs and ice cream and the odd souvenir.

Party or group hire is available for further information, please visit The Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society's' website. Sydney Live Steam Locomotive Society is on the corner block of Anthony Road and Betts Street, West Ryde.
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One of the bridges that I'm aware of is unmistakably similar to the Hawkesbury River Bridge.
Guards ride on the rear of the carriage and stations have been created at variable sections through out this wonderful venue. Have lunch in the open area (fenced off to the track) where you can picnic, bring a rug, chairs, no alcohol is allowed. It is a 3 minute walk from West Ryde Railway, and just behind the carpark of West Ryde Marketplace.

They have created different tracks to suit varied locomotives, some drivers run single carriage, the majority operate with 6 carriage cars seating approx 30. I've seen the drivers with a pot of water, and yes occasionally the train stops to put out a track fire due to embers from the train in front.
At stages, you feel you might tip and just watching people lean instinctively is a sight in itself.

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