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Take the opportunity to enjoy a ride on a 5” gauge miniature steam train.  The WDSME, also known as Wimborne District Society of Model Engineers, have been giving rides to the public since 1978 and the next Running Day is on the 7th October. The society was formed in 1975 by a group of enthusiasts interested in model engineering and small steam locomotives. For the enthusiastics it’s undoubtedly a great day out.  The train rides are free for all ages, with just a donation box and you are welcomed to ask the driver any questions you may have. WeekendNotes is a free email newsletter which reviews fun and interesting things to do in your town or city. The fourth Sunday of every month often finds us at Bracken Ridge for a ride - or several - on one of the mini trains chugging around the park.

The steam locomotives are coal fired and work at a steam pressure of around 100lbs per sq inch.
You can see them all going by from your spot in the queue.There are plenty of people waiting with cameras in hand and others waving to the passing trains while waiting for their turn. All money raised goes back into the community by way of the club.The members also act as drivers, ticket sellers, train fixers and stationmaster on the day. All the engines have been built by hand using various techniques and are just small replicas of the larger ones. If you are watching the station and a steam train pulls in you may get to see the driver filling up with coal and water.One of the favourite trains is a Thomas the Tank Engine look alike.

The ride itself goes for a few minutes and may be one or two laps of the circuit depending on the queue. For those with a mechanical bent there is always some sort of work being carried out on the trains.
The station building has also been built from the timbers of the old platelayers hut from Wareham station and the signal box from redundant bricks from Poole station after it was re-built – recycling at its best.

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