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Truly Trains Malaysia and Nathan's Trains N Toys Australia represent Marklin, Trix, LGB, the Principal players in the Model Railroad Business. Minitrix is the brand name of N-Scale trains manufactured by the Trix company, originally of Nurnberg, Germany. Although an old line manufacturer with roots in the Bing train manufacturing company dating back to the 1800’s, Trix model train production was relatively young in comparison to old line companies such as Marklin, Arnold and Flesichmann. After World War II, Trix returned to toy manufacturing in Nurnberg, producing metal construction sets and electric trains in H0 proportion (1:87).

These pages address the early Minitrix N-Scale electric product line only, but this can still be a complicated topic. After at least two mergers and consolidations, the German Trix company was ultimately purchased in 1997 by Marklin, GmbH, which is itself now in the process of being sold. Likewise, keeping track of the various elements of the Minitrix product line in the North American market is also complicated. The product lines of both Postage Stamp and of American Tortoise incorporated both Trix-made items and also rolling stock manufactured by Roco of Austria.

Mikron Model RailwaysWe are official stockists for Hornby, Bachmann, Graham Farish, Peco, Woodland Scenics, Gaugemaster, Wills, Ratio, Metcalfe, Humbrol, Superquick and Brio.

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