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The model railroad books of that era were replete with layout illustrations that pushed my creativity. This simple oval appears in the German language track plan book published by Arnold rapido in 1967 (their No. The Minitrix layout occupies 90 cm by 50 cm (36” by 20”), about the same size as the rapido oval, yet even in black and white, the rapido oval is more interesting. Minitrix is the brand name of N-Scale trains manufactured by the Trix company, originally of Nurnberg, Germany. Although an old line manufacturer with roots in the Bing train manufacturing company dating back to the 1800’s, Trix model train production was relatively young in comparison to old line companies such as Marklin, Arnold and Flesichmann. After World War II, Trix returned to toy manufacturing in Nurnberg, producing metal construction sets and electric trains in H0 proportion (1:87).
These pages address the early Minitrix N-Scale electric product line only, but this can still be a complicated topic.

After at least two mergers and consolidations, the German Trix company was ultimately purchased in 1997 by Marklin, GmbH, which is itself now in the process of being sold.
Likewise, keeping track of the various elements of the Minitrix product line in the North American market is also complicated. The product lines of both Postage Stamp and of American Tortoise incorporated both Trix-made items and also rolling stock manufactured by Roco of Austria. Set based on the following prototypes of the German Federal Railroad: 1 Class 5415 steam locomotive with a tender, 2-6-0 design, 1 Tank car, 1 Flat car, 1 Refrigerator car, 1 Low side gondola, 1 Boxcar with a sound module.
Model: Era III, locomotive comes with a digital connector in the tender and with a motor in the tender, 3 axles powered, 4 traction tires. Marklin, Trix and LGB have all announced the new Insider & Profi Club models for 2013 at the Modellbahnmesse in Cologne.
Some of the most popular elements of our store layouts, both on our Noch pre-formed layouts in HO and N and our Karl Gebele built display layout, are the finely detailed plants and vegetation.

We recently received a new addition to our store - a brand new factory-built Noch HO Tannau layout.  We will be bringing the layout to the Trains 2012 show this weekend (November 10th and 11th, 2012) in Burnaby BC along with a completed N-scale Noch Traunstein layout so if you are in town, stop by and say hi! If you can't make it this weekend here are a few photos of the Tannau layout, finished with Noch laster-cut structures and accessories (click any photo for a larger view). Full English details will follow shortly on our store website but here is a sneak preview of the new models.
Noch has recently expanded the line to include small laser cut structures such as a bee-keepers hutch, a railroad signal box, a bus-top as well as non-vegetation details such as patio slabs, lumber, marker posts and more!  Click here to see all the Noch Laser Cut Minis on our store website.

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