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One of the largest and perhaps most famous steam locomotives ever built, Union Pacific's articulated 4-8-8-4 "Big Boy" No.
Paul Fischer, who recreated the King Tiger and other German tanks from World War II, wanted to create something bigger and more complicated. In the last months, Fischer went through 16 rolls of MakerBot True Black PLA Filament and two 2-oz. During the late 1930s, the Union Pacific often used helpers to move trains from Ogden to Wahsatch. Twenty-five Big Boys were built exclusively for Union Pacific by the American Locomotive Company (Alco) between 1941 and 1944, all burned coal. Your LG G Android Smartwatch can be upgraded with a 3D printed case, looking like a Pip-Boy 3000 from Fallout Just the right thing to survive the nuclear wasteland. In the world of custom motorcycles, there are few models more venerated than Harleys Fat Boy. History Channel recently aired a new documentary entitled Bigfoot Captured, which researchers at Idaho State University utilized Stratasys 3D printing to print an 8 foot tall life size skeleton replica of what researchers believe fabled creature to looks like.
Pip-Boy props are nothing new in the maker world, especially since the availability and prices of 3D printers have made the undertaking more straightforward.
Published date 2015-08-01 Bethesda recently asked its factories about the chances of building more Pip-Boy Mark IVs for the premium Fallout 4 bundle. In the last blog post I described how I optimized a SOLIDWORKS architectural model for 3D Printing. We reach out and gather the best 3DPrinting news articles, information and briefings from around the web and bring them all here for you.
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So he ordered the original blueprints of the 4-8-8-4 Big Boy, an American steam locomotive used by Union Pacific Railroad from 1941 into the 1960s, when diesel supplanted steam. If you’re an experienced model maker and want to make your own Big Boy, Fischer has posted a complete set of files on Thingiverse. My mind is gobswaggled… So my idea of making old tram cars would be a walk in the park? We finally had an opportunity to shoot Athearn’s very well done n-scale 4-8-8-4 Union Pacific Big Boy. It was even more of a surprise to find that this practice is still widely used by models, pin up girls and burlesque performers today.
Training corsets can be used for different reasons but ultimately the same end product; body modification. This is where we need to start talking about boning (no laughing at the back, this is serious!). If the whole idea appeals to you, then there are a few things to consider before you get your credit card out and order one from the first site that you come across. The phrase ‘steel boned corset’ doesn’t exactly conjure up images of beautiful, floral pieces of clothing but that’s just your mind playing tricks with you. Quite self-explanatory, the underbust corset concentrates on solely that – anything under the bust. This may all make it a little more confusing and difficult a decision than you were expecting when you first started reading, I’m sure; but if you speak to the right people and look in all the right places then you could be getting that hourglass figure that you’ve always dreamed of in next to not time, and with only the smallest expense. In the same way we all know that modern fashion images in magazines are photoshopped and manipulated (right or wrong), those 1950s models didn’t spring into this world looking like that either!
However, we have not been brought up to the 1950s idea that a small waist and completely flat stomach were ideals of beauty. As for wearing corsets to waist train I doubt very much that corsets would be worn if only women inhabited the planet.

From skull binding to foot binding to tattooing, we humans have apparently been modifying and ornamenting ourselves since we have been human. My grandmothers and great-grandmothers practiced this and discovered a horrible side effect –fallen uterus.
Prolapsed uterus will NOT result from responsible tightlacing unless it’s from the aggravation of a pre-existing issue.
That’s good to hear, I’m a bit apple shaped after having a baby so perhaps a corset is what I need! I would not try waist training but I also think many of the 50s women had natural hourglass figures that nature no longer replicates. Those are similar to my measurements (although I get confused about bust measurements and what counts for this purpose, not bra sizing).
So he ordered the original blueprints of the 4-8-8-4 Big Boy used by Union Pacific Railroad from 1941 into the 1960s. The UP wanted to simplify this move so they asked their "Department of Research and Mechanical Standards" to design a locomotive that could pull a 3600 ton train unassisted. The Big Boys were 132 feet long and weighed 1.2 million pounds (engine and tender) in working order.
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The urban legend says its names come from a combination of the names used for the atomic bombs, Fat Man and Little Boy; however, Harley Davidsons Fat Boy is a legend in its own right.
Here Ill explain the techniques and requirements for 3D Printing and Post Processing the 3D CAD model.
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He recreated the King Tiger and other German tanks from World War II, but that only made him more ambitious.
The full Helicon Focus photo set follows below with gallery thumbnails that link to our high-res galleries. The two main reasons that they are used are no doubt obvious to most; many are used for medical reasons for instance to correct curvature of the spine or suchlike but also they are used more and more often for cosmetic reasons. Waist training can also be known as corset training, waist cinching and waist reduction; it is more than likely that you’ll hear these phrases or variations on them at some point but essentially they mean exactly the same thing. The boning of a corset is what keeps everything in place, and waist training corsets generally have a steel boned structure. Firstly, it is very important that you seek medical advice before going down the waist training road. Steel boned corsets don’t only come with a choice of gorgeous patterns and strong, sturdy fabrics, but also a choice of underbust or overbust. The breasts won’t be any more supported as with any other clothing, this is purely all about the waist.
He writes for Corset-Story, an online corset and accessories store which specialises in waist training corsets as well as those in the fashion and burlesque style. They are still just as fertile as 0.7 whr women but a hell of a lot more stronger in their core thereby reducing pain and injury. However in the real world many will struggle to eat healthily and excersize just because life interferes or because they have bad genes. My two favorite books on the cultural ubiquity of body modification are The Unfashionable Human Body and Body Packaging. Unfortunately I saw a documentary of the use of corsets in the old days, and what most people who do this forget is, your waist and your internal organs are quite soft. Unfortunately it got me nothing but abuse at school as I was not straight up and down – I wish more people would learn to appreciate this body shape which can be natural.

Fischer spent between 700 and 800 hours drafting and another 1,000 hours 3D printing the locomotive. At 132 feet long including a tender, it will not fit in an SUV, but Union Pacific will find a way to bring it to its Cheyenne, WY, headquarters, this spring. It is also important to understand that you can’t just pick up any old corset online or in-store and expect it to work wonders on your figure – some are merely fashion corsets and will have no effect at all in shrinking that waist down. Even when the corset is tightly laced up, the steel boning prevents anything sticking out (so no unsightly bulges!) or anything sticking into you. This isn’t meant to put you off, but it is essential that you get plenty of advice and do your own research into it before taking the final step. Therefore, you might want to wear something underneath the corset should you be venturing out in public. Better to tailor the body than the clothing and that comes with good diet and fitness training. I would say that providing there is no medical reason preventing doing so then why not help yourself look and feel better in whatever way is available to the individual. Let me just be clear that we did not use them as such; although they contained boning that was to keep them in place. I once had a naturally small waist but childbearing has altered the natural proportions of my body. Stratasys wants you to only use manufacturer-approved materials in 3D printers makerbot jjaglom . Especially makers, who have recreated the iconic props, weapons and gadgets from the video game series. Or if you’re not ready to commit, you can start with the main drive wheels, like Paul Fischer did.
If you find exactly the right corset for waist training it is more than likely that you could eventually take 4 or 5 inches off your current waist size, they really are that effective. The overbust corset not only pulls the waist in (more comfortable than it sounds!), but also supports and accentuates the breasts and they can be worn alone – providing of course you’ve got something on below the belt.
I still have my 18 year old physique and waistline at 61 years because I exercise and eat well. Each costume was made to fit the individual who wore it and of hundred of former bunnies I know through the internet, none of them ever felt it was in the least uncomfortable.
I am so very thankful for the resurgence of corsets to help me gain back what was once mine naturally. Waist training takes serious dedication, and anyone who thinks we do that for anyone but ourselves is sadly mistaken. Ultimately women have to decide for themselves how far they are prepared to go to be acceptable to men and to outcompete other women for male attention.
Of course there are limits but as individuals we should not be dictated to by those who are lucky enough to be physically fit and able themselves – were all built differently!
Many feel it was the most comfortable piece of clothing they ever wore (and some of them are in their 70s now).
He filed some parts to fit them together, but the Big Boy is black, so there was no need to paint it. We were all very thin when hired, and the cleavage, not the waist, was where the illusion came in; most of us stuffed the cups.
She obviously advocates exercise and healthy eating as an alternative to unhealthy corseting.

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