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2014 BMW i3 and 2014 Tesla Model S [photo: Tom Moloughney]Enlarge PhotoThe Tesla Model S remains the undisputed king of electric cars at the moment primarily because it’s the only real car that is entirely electric. BMW’s vector for those inroads will be badged either i5 or i7, and aimed squarely at the Model S, reports Car Magazine. The reported total output of the system is, at the moment, 544 horsepower — more than the Model S P85, but less than the all-wheel-drive, dual-motor P85D’s 691 horsepower.

That, for some, will be a deal breaker—an electric car isn’t supposed to use gasoline, right? We likely won’t find out the answer to any of these questions—including the final specification and nature of BMW’s Model S-oriented electric sedan—until sometime after the next 5-Series’ launch in 2018 or thereabouts. But that will change soon, and BMW will be among those seeking inroads into Tesla’s empire.

Like the i8, it will carry a four-cylinder gasoline engine to generate power and extend the range beyond its estimated 80 miles of all-electric capacity.

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