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The Jaguar E-Type was yet another one of the best selling automobile units manufactured and produced by the elite car company Jaguar between the years of 1961 up to 1974. While I agree that they should offer a smaller, blown, petrol powerplant they don't have one of those.
Had a think about the smaller, blown engines available to Jaguar and have come up with the following (please correct me if wrong).
2.5T from Volvo products - Inline 5, seems to have only been used in transverse applications, no idea if could be mounted longitudinally. I like this too, although the grille is perhaps slightly too large, and the chrome plated volvo-esque air intakes look as cheap as they do on Volvos.
We should not get to excited about the picture; it is a render produced by AutoCAR and it is all speculation. It doesn't matter what Jaguar design, the same people have the same moan about whatever the car looks like.
3.0 litre sport diesel will fit the bill nicely and allow Jaguar to compete on a more level footing with the German Marques.
In the Focus RS puts out 300bhp and over 300lbf of torque which would probably be desired output?

Wonder if they will produce something like the small F type concept as a rival to the BMW Z4 etc. Gorgeous, and I can't rememebr the last time I said that about a Jaguar (Probably the E type).
In s-type was used in longitudinal layout, so should present no problem there, but in unblown form only ~200bhp, far too low. Can be mounted longitudinally - probably would give the smoothness and power expected of a Jag XK. The doors and bonnet open to reveal detail and the Jaguars front wheels can be steered with the scale steering wheel. Secondly, the oval shape has proved to be less of a success overseas, where research shows it can be confused with other brands’ grilles.Instead, Jaguar is deriving a new shape from the oblong design launched on the XF, but with its own unique characteristics. By the time you're at a 3 litre, 6 cylinder engine would the weight and efficiency gains be worth it? I know people on this forum were clamouring for the V6 diesel to make its way in to the XK, it's a shame they waited for BMW to show the way and exploit the market rather than being the first ones in. If they could have put a very lightweight 6 cylinder engine in they would hopefully have maximised the weight loss by being able to reduce the weight of brake and suspension units so the smaller unit had less weight to lug around.

It’s just a matter of choosing the right one,” said another insider.The XK’s exterior sheetmetal is also expected to move Jaguar design further forward again, just as today’s Ian Callum-designed model did when it was launched in 2006. The engine itself sounds decent and I've always thought of the XK as being a Grand Tourer rather than an out and out sportscar - a powerful, very torquey and very refined diesel would suit the character.
Although the final styling still has to be chosen, the favoured sketches are understood to feature crisper metalwork and more developed body surfacing.As with today’s car, both hard-top coupe and open-top convertible body styles will be available. The cabrio will retain a soft-top roof for packaging, styling and marketing reasons.As the interior quality of competitors continues to increase, so the XK will respond with the highest-quality cabin ever seen in a Jaguar sports car. The design inspiration comes from the new XJ, with that car’s clever blend of hand-stitched leather and hi-tech materials taken to a new level.
That will keep the XK’s 2+2 cabin and relatively compact dimensions intact.Much of the new car’s undercarriage is expected to be carried over, such as the front and rear axles and adaptive suspension, albeit with tuning improvements.

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