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Jaguar has intended to include a brand new configuration to their innovative platform for sedans and crossovers.
Recent reports indicate that CX 17 platform will form the main chassis, including a light exterior panel, and stronger holding capacity. Since the 2016 Jaguar model is under development, there are not many details to know regarding the design aspects of this car.
Previous engine variants will not be used in 2016 Jaguar XF but instead of that, a new engine line up will be used.
Base engine will be a 2.0 LITER Ingenium that will either be a gasoline or a diesel variant. These sets of engine will be exclusively coupled with a 9 speed automatic gear box, along with the probability for additional turbo charged configurations in the future. With the entry price of around $45000, the 2016 Jaguar XF will cost according to your configuration details.

With regards to the old model, the new 2016 Jaguar XF will feature various types of poignant details, and upon that, a CX 17 platform will form the primary chassis of 2016 XF.
This would also provide a better interior cabin space, which might improve the passenger seating options in the new Jaguar XF. However, using a new platform has surely opened various possibilities for redesign specs – including a wider display on the exterior, a more aggressive look in terms of additional body features as well as an aerodynamically stable configuration.
Latest reports indicate that new Jaguar Ingenium engine will be used in 2016 models of Jaguar XF.
Nothing specific has been determined but max power spec might range from 150 HP to 240 HP with a max torque spec of 200 lbs.
Fuel economy will be a viable concern for Jaguar users, but this new 2016 Jaguar XF will get a small boost as far as EPA ratings are concerned.
Additional costs might include refurbished items such as safety specs or auto climate control features.

There have been reports which indicate the fact that Jaguar is also planning to incorporate a new set of engine options as well that will form the governing dynamics for this new platform. Well, the main exoskeleton will be constructed out of light aluminium, thereby decreasing the overall ride weight. A lighter platform would surely decrease aerodynamic drag associated with this car, thereby achieving a 60 MPH mark in less than 4.5 seconds.

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