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If I mention main manufacturers of model cars in my collection, you will found mostly Autoart, some Kyosho, some Exoto, CMC, UT models, Norev, Minichamps and one very rare BBR Ferrari model. A few details about my custom project: transforming AutoArt Lamborghini Diablo into Diablo SE 30 Edition !
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Veteran and Vintage take care of everything you may need for your vintage car and classic car needs. If you’ve recently found a Ford Model A for sale and are wondering how to repair it, we can find the parts you need. I don’t want to drive something that averages 13-15 mpg and has a weekly appointment with a mechanic. The engine was set back from the front axle for better weight distribution and it makes for a large engine bay. My involvement with this car came about while I was learning to speak Vietnamese at the Defense Language Institute in El Paso, Texas.  As you can imagine this school was not preparing us for long periods of shore duty in the United States. He decided that he just had to have a 56 Nomad that he found, so he swapped engines with my baby and sold her to a friend of mine.
Thanks to the auto shop teacher at my high school I was able to use it as a daily driver for several years.  As much fun as it was to drive, rising gas prices caused me to park it in 2007. With a speedometer that normally works in the summer only, I needed a way to calculate speed.
I have certainly thought about the 700r4 or 200r4, as I understand they are pretty simple swaps. The car weighs 3600 pounds according to the title.  I don’t think a 235  has quite enough to move it down the road. I am a poster child for ADD so I move from one thought to another.  It will probably take getting in the middle of this project and finding something I think makes the best fit. I am not a mechanic and I am retired and don’t want to go back to work to afford this.
If you want good mileage you can put an ecotec 1.4l turbo in there mated to a 6-speed auto.
And gee, that would only cost like $5000 if you could find a used engine, and then pay some guy like $3000 more to make it actually work given the electronics on said engine. If it was mine Id go diesel manual trans the tallest diff I could get and let it lug like a good diesel can clean the surface rust off blow on some primer and your good to go or mail it to me this car is worth 25-50k in NZ we could split that any way you like.
I assume ready availability of small blocks of more recent vintage from a nearby recycler, and that the mount points for the small block are available on the chassis.
The suspension has so many possibilities…I bought tubular upper control arms and will most likely buy new lowers to match, for a more modern feel in steering.
You could sure save a lot of gas if you spent like $15,000 on all those mods you you list here! Having spent more than a few hours by the side of the road trying to patch together something I tried to save a few bucks on instead of doing it right the first time, taught me a lot when it came time to rip the 307 Olds out of my ’89 Caprice wagon and swap in a 350 TPI. I think most on here know I’m a cruiser, not a hot-rodder, so fix her up, roll down the windows and have fun! I believe this is the least-expensive option, as you appear to own something that’s a good start.
With all due respect, I’d rather try to stick a blunt object in my eye than have a used Civic as my daily ride.
Chas, I get around that by drawing a clear line (in my head) between transportation and interesting vehicles. If you have a used Civic as your daily driver you will get to work every day, and not spend a ton of money doing so.

Of course Paul N is the exception but he has the advantages of being self employed, living in a gentle climate and having an understanding partner.
I have a soft spot for these 210 2 door wagons because I was brought home from the hospital in one, in 1959.
I would agree with the idea of keeping the 283 and PG if they were both in tiptop shape, but you are having issues with the trans. A ’57 Chevy is probably one of the easiest old cars to use as a daily driver because every single doggone part is still available, many of them at any local parts store, and every town has some shop where all the guys grew up wrenching on them.
Surely this is worth too much as a 60’s time capsule to go changing it into a daily driver ? If you put a fuel efficient motor into it ( a two litre BMW diesel will give it plenty of shove) you will be taking so much weight off the front wheels that it will sit too high on the springs. If you want to say gas powered my vote is Atlas I-6 pulled from a Trailblazer totaled out in a rear end accident.
On the plus side they can be found easily, best bet for value would be to buy one wrapped in a medium-light commerical vehicle that’s been totaled. If you are thinking diesel, and there engine compartment swallows it without a lot of fuss, then the Chevy 6.2 diesel is a good, though gutless, choice.
My other recommendation would be to buy a Buick Roadmaster and swap over as much of the drivetrain and suspension that you can. I’m not sure about your area but in my Diesel runs as much as 20% higher than regular. That being said there is no reason you can’t do what ever mods you do in such a manner that you can return it to stock. If it were mine I’d probably just do an overdrive automatic gear with TBI fuel injection and call it a day. And look at spending like $20k before you actually try to mount the BWW diesel in the car and make it work. If you must go diesel, I’d heed the words of the learned folks above–and prepare yourself for noisy clatter. A Toyota Prius is going to cost me $30,000, and no, I do not pay the taxes because since they are refunded to me as it is for business use. It would look cool and be fun to drive but you’ll never save enough gas to pay back the money.
From car tyres to carburettors we supply a variety of classic car auto parts to our customers. But don’t worry, we’ll make them ourselves, so that your classic and vintage cars are authentic and in the best possible condition. Classic car parts for your old cars - classic tyres and all kinds of repairs and restoration. That friend came upon hard times (a frequent occurrence with sailors) and sold it to me for $500. If you adjust it to find park, it can’t find reverse.  This transmission will probably run (inefficiently) for about a million years, but I think I can do better.
Oh the horror on people’s faces when you park it at a Classic auto show and open the hood! A small block, and a more recent tranny (4 speed manual), would give it a very satisfactory drive train. It will be the Handyman or my other project, a ’68 C-10 which will be built much the same way and in fact probably come first. I would not alter the drivetrain, as the parts are plentiful, and it’ll hurt you downstream in the details. Trying to swap in a modern engine would cost a ton o’ moola and you would never regain the investment you made before you hit the grave. The 4BT has become a popular swap into older light duty trucks and SUVs, so as time goes on the problems that arise will be easier to overcome.

You can use an adapter and keep the stock intake and maybe modify a stock air cleaner to keep it stock looking to the untrained eye. If something needs to be cut or welded get a repo part, mod that one, and set the original aside. You will need a way to get a couple dozen wires inside the car and that could require a hole, but other than that you wouldn’t have to harm any original parts. If it’s more than a new battery and some fresh fluids what ever system that needs attention should be considered the first project. I’d use a modern unit instead of the Nissan you mentioned (parts are more scarce each day) and budget for a few hundred pounds of soundproofing. No matter what you plan on, it will take at least twice as long because it is old and things break. View the second foto below to see a comparison of the obverse and reverse of this slotcar part. The 210 was also available with Bel-air trim that jazzed it up without making it a Bel-Air. A propane conversion kit would solve the (non)hardened valve seat problem and gain efficiency. If it were mine, I’d repaint it in its original color, as a color change is never a good idea for the type of functional restoration you intend to do, as I would.
If you are buying used, then for sure don’t buy an old V-8 sled and then complain it is hard on gas and then spend like $10k swapping in a new engine with electronic controls.
An older mechanical injection Cummins wakes up the whole block when you start it on a cold morn. If you are going to be driving it less than 4-5K per year I really wouldn’t be that concerned with MPG. Becoming a resto-mod or surivi-mod and seeing 2-3K per year on the road is a far better fate than sitting in the yard as a stocker.
I’m betting you can get a plug and play engine harness to work with an alternator which the EFI will be happier with.
IE if the brakes need work make the disc, dual system, and power boost if desired, the first project. I’d vote to either modernize the current mill (add FI) or replace it with an injected SBC.
I drive quite a bit and in Vancouver, Commieland, I pay $1.45 a litre or so a litre for premium fuel. We have a range of brands for your classic car – and classic tyre types from all the big manufacturers of the time. View our easy to read vibrator schematic in the third foto below to see where this part is located. Some people adapt an entire 70-81 Camaro front clip if you want to go as far as to cut the frame. Scavenge the EFI, the accessories, heads or maybe even just keep the entire engine for now. If you get the right deal you can break even or maybe even put a couple of dollars in your pocket if you can sell a few parts. The actual doing will be a bit harder, and unfortunately, the internet hasn’t yet figured out how to transport muscle and sweat.
In today’s world although they are not legally required on this car,  seat belts (probably lap only) are essential.

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