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Diecast Collector Model Cars Jada Toys Road Rigz - Peterbilt 387 Car Carrier Truck (1:64, Black) 91278 - Toy Wonders, Inc. With the Energon supplies becoming less and less, he works to find new ways to make do, and he'd really prefer if the Autobots didn't risk injury to protect humans.
He'd also prefer the humans weren't brought back to Autobot Outpost Omega One but since he is unfamiliar with human tech, he needs Raf Esquivel to help him out.

However, for all his views on humans, deep down Ratchet admires what the tiny fleshies bring to the fight.RatchetA is often frustrated by the primitive Earth technology available to him on Earth. Ratchet is also the creator of the Ground-Bridge Technology, which is used by the Autobots to travel between any two points on Earth and an alternative Low-Powered version of the Cybertronian Space Bridge.

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