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Their name was revived in 1956 by VEB Automobilwerk Eisenach and given to an updated version of their IFA F9 car which had been in production since 1950. The engine was enlarged to 992 cc in 1962 and a completely new body was manufactured after 1966. There are still many cars in drivable condition and Wartburg owners’ clubs exist throughout Europe.
Recent rumors had Ford dropping the Shelby GT500 for the next-generation Mustang, and now it appears that the American automaker will introduce a Shelby GT350 one year after the new Mustang debuts in 2015.
That means for the time being, the Cobra moniker won’t be revived, but the Shelby GT350 will be an official Ford factory model. As for other surprises Ford has in the works, a Mach 1 model is planned for introduction in 2017. This is just what some photoshopper THINKS the new mustang will look like and is by no means what the actual car will look like.
They definetly need a brake cooling duct in the aft wheel arch flares … looks funky without one. I like the idea but COME on!!!!Not the body style i own a 1972 ford mustang Now that’s real muscle you guys are starting to steer clear of the mustang finis not liking this! The problem is this… the automakers, like everyone else, are pandering to the little under twenty five year old douche bags who typically prefer front wheel drive turds (mainly because they cannot drive, and fwd makes them feel as though they can because of designed-in idiot proof handling). Despite how similar the Kia and Nissan may appear on paper, they are very different in execution. Not all crossovers have to succumb to the stereotype of being boring, family-hauling transportation appliances.
Does the high-tech new Acura NSX stay true to the formula that made the original an automotive icon?
We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. By 1977 Holden introduced its all-new RTS – Radial Tuned Suspension, adding to the handling of Toranas.

SUSPENSION: Front – coil springs with double wishbones, telescopic shock absorbers and anti-roll bar.
In fact some would argue that had it not been for the Torana the name Peter Brock may not have been such a household name. The new car had a more powerful version of the 3 cylinder 2-stroke engine driving the front wheels and a completely new body. Unfortunately, details are light on the next-generation Mustang and the Shelby GT350 variant, but it will be naturally aspirated powered by a V8. I’ll assume, based on the venom of your oh-so-witty retort, that you must be one of those little dusche bags of whom I spake! If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
The individual with enough guts rides in a fiberglass 1927 Ford Model T body sitting on a custom tube frame. The difference is Spreadshirt has more color options and products while Amazon will allow for Amazon Prime shipping.
The first Torana models were smaller and more nimble, and also featured fast 6 cylinder engines.
The body kit, drop tanks, sticker decals and tough, muscly lines make it an iconic car in Australia’s motoring history. Not including the early smaller modeled Toranas, the LH-LX Torana race cars enjoyed success at Bathurst and in the Touring Car Championship. Exports to West Germany started in 1958, and by the early 60s the car was exported to many countries in the world, including the US. The new car, the 353 was based on a Polish-built Warszawa 210 and remained in production for decades with minor modifications. The sports car Melkus RS 1000 used a mid-mounted 3-cylinder 2-stroke engine from the Wartburg 353. Add side skirts, rear spolier, a front splitter, a Cobra type heat extractor hood, and I think it has potential.

I bet you even wear skinny jeans, and have one of those jaunty little over one eye, Justin Bieber, helmet head haircuts, and probably typed your SCATHING response on your i-phone 5, while listening to badly recorded, illegally downloaded, emo music in your half primered, farty exhaust, six foot winged Hoda Civic with a purple roll cage, faux race seats , and a Pokemon mural on the hood! By 1978 the Torana dominated the Australian Touring Car ranks and at Bathurst demolished its opposition in one of the most dominant performances ever to be seen. In 1975 the LH L34 Torana won Bathurst outright, with Peter Brock and Brian Sampson at the wheel. Some fans believe there was no sight more memorable than Peter Brock muscling his way around Bathurst behind a Torana. The 311 model was manufactured in a number of variations, such as pick-up, station wagon, and a 2-seater roadster. The two-stroke engine was replaced by a 1300 cc four stroke Volkswagen engine in 1988, but otherwise time and technology passed it by, and the car could not meet modern standards.
Leave the Mustang to us adults, and keep making the stupid little girly hatchback fwd Focus to try and steal hipster punks’ business away from Honda!
There are thousands of other ways to create 1,200 horsepower but I don’t think many will get the looks this does driving down the street. This was followed by the 1976 victory with Bob Morris and John Fitzpatrick at the wheel – also in an LH L34. In fact Peter Brock master minded a back-to-back Torana whitewash at Bathurst in 1978 and 1979. The final nail in its coffin was the introduction of the Deutschmark (DM), as the cost of producing a car reached 20,000 DM. Ford is also expected to use plenty of carbon fiber on the GT350 to help free up some weight.

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