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Don’t forget the other home appliance set in my previous post, Home appliance, living room paper model. This book takes the artistic approach of assemblage and collage, and combines it with the long-loved tradition of making doll houses--but these doll houses are anything but traditional! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.
We gather free unique, creative crafts and models we find around the internet as well as publishing our own works and projects. It is a kitchen set paper model, where you will be given a space of kitchen room with cabinet, a set of dining table and a freezer.
You may not understand but by looking at the graphical instructions, at least you can get the rough idea on how to assemble all the parts or where to attach certain parts.

If you're interested, you can join us by submitting your art work to share with our many wonderful readers. It will take quite sometime to finish it all but I think it’s pretty satisfying and worth it. There are 3 button, the first button is for the template and second button is for the manual.
Their marriage agreement has them consummating their marriage on her twentieth birthday, which is in three days, the act to which Baby Doll is not really looking forward. Just if we can also add extra character of paper model or paper doll then it will be complete for a scenario.
Even though it is of 19 pages template,  but the first 8 pages are just the template for the background of the whole set.

As always I just download and store the template in my Pc with some hope that I can spend some time making them.
Baby Doll's now deceased father allowed the marriage on the stipulation that Archie Lee provide Baby Doll financial security as displayed by the most resplendent house in the south.

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