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Well I had to smile when my wonderful wife picked me up a copy, namely the article of Building a layout with full support of Hornby. The Hornby Mag unlike the Hornby web site is multi-manufacturer friendly, let's face, it has to be or the layouts would be a bit bare and thin in places. Another great issue, Hornby magazine just keeps getting better.Nice article on the Liskard to Looe Branch one of my Favourites. I have looked forward to the March issue but as with BRM mag this month it's a bit flat for me. The Dapol model of 10000 looks pretty nice, good to see Dapol getting back into OO-gauge loco manufacture (albeit a special edition). But I was very disappointed that you did not included the excellent Replica Railway BR suburban 63' coaches. Instructions can be found in this topicAlmost all the photos I post can be found in my albums. Perhaps the only mag that does target fine scale specifically is MRJ.The problem with fine scale modellers is that they are a tiny and very fragmented bunch.

These are available from their shop in Swindon or from their trade stands at many exhibitions.
Very little reading I thought for the money so I bought RM which has loads in it as always.
There are many specialist mags out there, Narrow Guage & Industrial springs to mind, but like MRJ they sell in relatively small numbers and mostly on subscription.
The Red is the Positive (+ve), the Green is the Negative (-ve) and the Black is the Common Return (cr).Now in my experience, Point Motor Solenoids are two separate coils. I know many buyers are interested in DCC and probably also in building baseboards but with 3 or 4 mags offering us similar reviews each month, I am becoming more picky as to what I shell out ?3.60 or so on. There are also many more average and less than average modellers out there who rely on mags to entertain and assist them.
Although not as glossy as HM, imho RM consistently offers more choice and content than the others. Yep, Class 28 Co-Bo is my first choice of essential dieesel to be produced, I will need at least two, and maybe more.

Also for the price of 2 mags, I could buy a used book that would give me more valuable information.
There were many more who expressed an interest in the scale assuming you could buy RTR and promptly went off it as soon as I explained that you couldn't. There's nothing wrong with this but I doubt any business plan that relied on marketing specifically to people like me would get anything other than laughed at. As mags are approaching ?4 nearly my intake of a few years ago, would be approaching ?36 per month now it is about ?8-?12 max.

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