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Not a big fan of these videos, my personal preference is to get a little more of sounding scean.
The iPhone records in HiDef, and the quality is quite good - the best I've seen for a model railroad sized camera (at least HO).
No doubt the iCar is clunky - it has to be to fit carry an iPhone keep it within the NMRA gauge profile. The $10 camera sounds intriguing - can you give some search terms I can use to look for it? ShareThisI've slowly been addding a modern logging operation to my layout, based more or less on the Camas Prairie and the Oregon California & Eastern.

This is a built kit which has been customized (both island signs) to look like a vintage CONOCO gas station. Here's a Camas Prairie type BN log car, using an Athearn Blue Box 40 foot log car kit and the Details West log bunks. I was wondering what to do about bark, and the coffee grounds idea sounds great -- I'll try it next weekend when we make real coffee. I began designing a model of one, but we decided it would be too fine for the process being used for N Scale. Allen McClelland in one of the videos talks about mixing coffee grounds with sawdust for wood chips, but I've never seen wood chips that look like that -- i just use sawdust. Here is what I believe is missing: both gas sign legs, hydraulic jack handle, jack base, roof sign, 2 long spotlights for highway sign, 1 intermediate spotlight for island.

If there is interest, I may be able to see about an HO or O scale model thru another company. Then they end up on the Albany Turn which takes them to Eugene where they are swapped to CORP. I have seen the bark and other debris modeled on the decks of the car using coffee grounds and was pretty impressed with the results. Also in order to handle the car without bulkheads or a cover car the cars need to be equipped with tie downs such as straps or cables.

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