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In the middle photo with Ira explaining the structure, it looks like they settled on Digitrax for the operating system to me.Those are some nice looking curves and hand laid track. More photos from the op session earlier this month.Mike volunteered for this job which is quite intensive. Message: It has been quite a few years since we have devoted a Photo Gallery to bridges and trestles. Message: I took a couple of shots tonight of the cheap, slightly altered plastic bridge I have placed over the Teal River.
Message: I have a soft spot for wooden railroad bridges, and I see some very nice ones above. Message: Here's a couple shots of the famous Goat Canyon trestle in Carrizo Gorge, on the San Diego & Arizona Railroad.
Message: Many of the 19th century railroad bridges in New Jersey are much lower and narrower than the one I posted above. Message: The North Dover crew stepping out onto Stanley Bridge as they cross the Salmon River on my layout. Message: A newly surfaced bridge over the South Thompson River in south-central British Columbia.
Message: The road in that photo of Bill Rose's HO layout is one of the best I've ever seen! Message: Here is an HO logging area I'm working on where I made a rope foot bridge from flat toothpicks and carpet thread. Message: Two years ago, wife and I went on a day excursion trailed behind the former CP Ry Royal Hudson 4-6-4.
Message: I didn't get the whole thing in the frame, but you can see that there is a bridge in the scene for sure. Message: Reaching the end of our journey across Canada on board "The Canadian" arriving Vancouver.
Message: One day I'd like to have a completed layout, with things looking as good as you all have shown. Message: Train about to travel under a bridge on Brian Earl's N-scale layout here in Ottawa. Message: Well, I thought I would post to this thread because I haven't seen a bridge like the one just south of Moose Jaw Saskatchewan posted here.
Message: A lot of times, railroads would put up a wooden trestle and then go back and fill this in. Message: Very interesting design for this bridge, Bruce (but seeing the mix of materials, you can wonder whether is was ever 'designed'). Message: Geez, we used to live in Western Monmouth County, and I don't remember hearing about this park.
Message: Ray, Frederic & Dave, that mill, house, and associated buildings stayed in the same family from the mid 1700's well up into the 20th century. Message: VIA rail outbound from Ottawa with a destination of Toronto about to cross Smyth Road five minutes from my home. Message: The Shore Line Trolley Museum's bridge over a tidal creek off the Farm River in Branford, CT.

Message: A very special locomotive which used to belong to my late friend, Howard Scodras, crosses a bridge on my layout. I had to meet up with a couple of the members of the Cherry Valley Model Railroad Club in Merchantville, NJ. The actual station was opened in 1933, shortly after an expansion by the former Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR) and is a fine expression of the art deco style of that time. From 1992 to 1996 I worked for Conrail in Philadelphia and it was only a short walk down JFK boulevard to the station.
In my model city because of space I was unable to recreate the upper level of 30th st but I was able to make a two track highline with catenary and large transmission lines. They are pretty wonderful aren't they - I was positively drooling over their products when I interviewed them. Now imagine building a helix ten feet above a concrete floor and determing how to work in a sprinkler system (yes they have these under and above the railroad).In the new section a huge engine terminal is nearing completion.
They learned much during the installation and shared that with Digitrax -- to help other clubs.To give you more idea of how the older portion looks underneath I took this picture. Here he took a rare break.Trenton station on the Trenton Northern an interurban with passenger and freight. The first one is from 1977, the second was taken a couple years later:One more shot, sometime in the late 70s or early 80s. Alot of my Layout is a work in progress, so I can only show bridges as they are at this stage. They show the CNR line, now abandoned and currently used as a hiking trail, crossing the Rideau Canal at Chaffey's Lock, ON. The original structure was built in the early part of the 1900's by Henry Flagler, owner of the Florida East Coast Railway. 35 used to cross the river on its own lift bridge--In 2005 the old highway bridge was removed and replaced with a continuous high bridge.
It was meant to eventually replace the Broad Street Station due to an increase in passenger and rail traffic. The biggest problem was providing the necessary number of tables and chairs to handle all those hungry passengers.
About 15 years ago they tripled the building size with an addition that is slowly coming to life. The structure guru Ira is explaining some of the interior details to RDG-LNE and Kevin K.With a room this size huge sweeping curves are possible. In the crew lounge they update a list of trains on a whiteboard and you 'bid' on your favorites.
The black and white was given to me when I was exploring the WP&YRR and have permission to use it but not for profit.
You guessed it WP&YRR.Just picture yourself back in the gold rush days building this bridge.
A concrete culvert on (under) the CPR Havelock Subdivision near the intersection of 16th Avenue and York-Durham Line close to Markham, ON. The line was called the Key West Extension as it travelled through the Keys from Miami to Key West.

There is also a commuter line running from Phila to Allentown based roughly on the SEPTA line running from the prototype station.
There's more to do to the interior and I have plans to model a food court and ticket windows some day.
I too am modeling 30th st station, Broad street station, Center city and The City hall area in HO scale complete with Live Catenary and many Surface Trolley Routes. Here is an view of the new section looking towards the original area.By the next open house, they plan to have loops in place to run part of the new area. This requires going up and down stairs -- look for the dark green panels and the brown railings. It ran south from Smiths Falls through Harrowsmith, then on to Napanee, about 30 miles west of Kingston, where it joined the main CNR line running between Montreal and Toronto. This is the home for the dispatchers and the work areas.They have painted all bare wood in green below and white above. Most trains are scheduled against a real time clock.In the past they tried to run afternoon and evening sessions. When I think of the engineering that went into the WP&YRR to accommodate the gold rush,back in the day. Yes, they worked right through the winter to get line Railroad Line in place as fast as humanly possible. Flagler's company could not afford to repair the line and it was eventually transformed into US 1. I wanted to do a big city station with as many of its features that I could model including interior detail. They since found that one four hour afternoon session is just right.RDG-LNE Drew waits for his train to exit a long stretch of hidden track after leaving Pittsbugh. As you can see the original railway bridge was used as the foundation for the roadway which ran atop the structure. As a kid I remember the wall as I rode the PTC route 13 trolley into town from West Philly. The B&W photo shows how they supported the track on the side of the mountain which has now been replaced by retaining wall anchored to the side of the mountain.The WP&YRR rises from Skagway to Carcross (Caribou Crossing) 4000 feet in 21 miles, boggles the mind. A replacement bridge was constructed in the 1970's to replace the aging structure.If you remember the movie "True Lies", the next two photos might be familiar to you. It was used as a backdrop near the end of the movie as the terrorists drove Jamie Lee Curtis in the limo while being chased by "Arnold" in the Harrier Jump Jet. It's span is roughly 37,000 feet in length.Our final stop on the tour is a railway lift bridge in Downtown Miami (Harbour Area).
I guess this means they got to git out the big bridge kit and build an over-elaborate center span.

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