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Model Railroad Layout: an all inclusive way to show your trains in their "natural" environment which may include mountains, prairies, rivers, cities and small towns. Your layout may be as large or as small as you wish based on your own space, time and monetary constraints. After moving to an apartment, layout space is limited to a 68” shelf above my computer desk.
The visible part is 55 cm * 174 cm (22" * 68"), with the sector plate hidden behind a door. LennartNot sure what equipment you are using, but if you are scratchbuilding the structures and detailing the inside of each, building this "little" layout could keep you busy for a year or two.
I like the plan but I agree with the cassette idea, I have used it and it works well, then your trains will only be limited by the number of cassettes you build. Bob, my friend George Barrett of Sheepscott would be pleased to see his work so well modeled and photographed. This is an Ambroid Russel winged snowplow that I originally built in the 60s, and restored and repainted for my freelanced Bunker Hill & Eastern RR in the late 80s.
All the rotary plows were upgraded with can motors to spin the blade only, all were dcc equipped and one had lights.
Walthers Jordan Spreader, large front plow replaced with white metal smaller one by Custom Finishing. All working parts on the spreader have been made operational, original ones were supposed to work but did not. Do you know if this plow had a special purpose other then not requiring a means of turning it? The westward expansion of the Western Maryland Railway, beginning with the Cumberland Extension, was one of the last new mainlines constructed during the period of extensive growth among U.S.
The Cumberland Extension was extraordinarily expensive to construct, and due to travelling through sparsely-populated areas, proved difficult to make profitable.
The lateral members of the horizontal truss webbing at the tops and bottoms of the girders are joined to the girders by way of gussets attached to the girder flanges at each panel point. The construction of the panels and the horizontal webbing on this span differs somewhat from the larger span.
Owing to its curvature, the outside rail was superelevated 5″ to induce some centripetal force onto passing trains that reduced the curve resistance and inertially induced lateral force at speed. This bridge would best be constructed out of sheet styrene and styrene architectural shapes available from manufacturers such as Evergreen.
This page provides a directory of model railroad discussion forums and message boards including model railroad layout ideas, tips, tricks, techniques, track plans, and more. New England Model Railroaders - Sharing of model railroad information in the northeastern U.S.

Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. You may want to have a small shelf switching-type layout, point to point, or a large basement or attic-sized empire with multiple continuously running trains in a loop to loop fashion with lots of side branches, junctions, bridges, multiple industries , ports or cities. I am aware of the elevation problem - my plan is to model the track along a cut in the hillside, rather than a natural slope. It is used instead of a turnout and tail track (saves space) to transfer trains to and from the two storage tracks hidden under the hill. The space I have for staging is what you see here, there is only 4" of wall at the narrow end. Its just got me thinking that making a machine shop carrige works and loco yard in hon3 would take up only a little space using this style of switching.I also had a vision of the whartf scene from the hangman creek lumber company being worked into something like this. If you find something of value here, please "pay it forward" and help us keep the site operating by a secure donation through PayPal (PayPal account is not required), or by shopping with our advertisers. Nevertheless, the Cumberland Extension operated for seven decades, and despite struggling to make money on its western divisions, during the 1940s and 1950s, the WM earned its reputation as the Mid-Atlantic region’s railroading showpiece. 1276, the Sideling Hill Creek Crossing is small by comparison with some of the other bridges on the Cumberland division, but that small size makes it perfect for inclusion on a model railroad. Diagonal members are also attached to the same gussets on the north side of the span and attached to their own gussets on the south side in the center of each panel.
The opposite end of the span rests directly on the concrete west abutment in a cove between two concrete abutment wings that are perpendicular to the abutment face and whose tops angle down from the top of the abutment to the top of the surface upon which the bridge rests. A single large gusset-and-angle-iron joint subdivided into nine distinct sections by individual angle steel reinforcing members, divides the span into two sections, which are tall and narrow near the ends and gradually widen toward the center. Wooden, wedge-shaped spacers between the top flange of the outer plate girder and the ties created the superelevation.
East of Sideling Hill Creek, the railroad is on a cut-and-fill bench and crosses an approximately 300′-long fill before returning to the bench. Completed to prototype specifications, it would be a center of interest on a portion of a model railroad layout near the viewer. This free PDF is packed with modeling shortcuts, tips, and all the layouts you'll need to get up and running. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
There will usually be some type of theme for each layout to show some particular type of service(s) that your railroad provides - like logging, coal, passenger service, etc.
The visible part of this mini layout is only 55 cm * 174 cm (22" * 68") with a sector plate hidden behind a door. A simpler version of your vertical transfer would be what the Brits refer to as "Casette staging", i.e.

Looks like ill be working and dreaming away later this evening for another switching layout. It represents the height of railroad civil engineering at the beginning of the 20th Century.
The plates are joined by narrow plate steel gussets and reinforced by vertical, back-to-back, steel L sections at the joints. The longer span’s eastern end sits on a roller shoe at the east abutment, which supports the bridge.
The intermediate pier at the joint between the spans is concrete and consists of a cap, slightly wider than the vertically-tapered section below it, which rests in turn on a bottom section with vertical sides. If intended for a spot nearer the background, much of the interior bracing could be eliminated and it would still be a great scale bridge for your model railroad layout. Also there will usually be an attempt to display the railroad existing within a certain area of the world and within a particular era. The sector plate and hidden storage tracks can house a Shay or Climax with four 20' cars or three pair of loaded disconnects. Employing modern materials and steam-powered construction equipment, engineers designed and built a railroad with six major bridges, three tunnels, and extensive earthworks to achieve low grades through rugged terrain.
The abutment has angled wings so that it can also serve as a retaining wall for the fill to the west of the bridge. The two panels at the ends include two diagonals, while the center panel includes four without a lateral between the center two diagonals. A run-around track is assumed off stage, so trains always work this yard with engines located "to the east". I could store a number of these on a narrow set of shelves behind the door, which would also give me more variety that a two-track staging yard.. The western end of the east span rests on a fixed shoe atop a stepped pier at the west bank of the creek. These members are joined to the girder flanges in the same manner and orientation as in the long span and correspond to the locations of the vertical angle reinforcements on the girders. In plan, the downstream face is perpendicular to the sides, while the upstream face has an equilateral 45° wedge to split the stream current. The center three panels are divided in two by a single angle reinforcement, while the ones adjacent to each end panel are divided into thirds.
The landscaping is a major emphasis, and incorporating an operating railroad amidst this landscaping is an exciting concept.

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