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Your browser does not support inline frames or is currently configured not to display inline frames. Here is a video Mike took walking through the show using his iPad for all to experience and well I for one was not there physically but I was digitally and must say it was cool being able to see and talk to vendors while 2300+ miles away! 4west441 year agoShane you may want to try the National Matchbox convention they have at the Marriot each summer in Albuquerque. And quite the train, the only train, given The Dominion's last summer was 1966, replaced by the one summer season Expo Limited (for the Expo 67 Montreal (international ) Exposition. Toronto section power would typically be one CP Rail FP7A or FP9A , either a 1400 or 4000 series plus one MLW RS-10 road switcher.
One can only wonder what would have transpired if CP Rail was allowed to match the service to demand. Not knowing at the time, but it appears that my August 1970 rides on The Canadian were the final month of an eighteen car CP Rail “The Canadian” ! Merchants Wholesale from Carolina Craftsman Kits on the Expo modules featuring my buddy Pieczyk's brass Climax. It was interesting and great, I was able to talk to vendors and see them face to face via Mike’s iPad and my Mac using facetime.  Some of the vendors just thought it was great being there they were in Pennsylvania talking to this guy in New Mexico all the while I was shopping, buying and attending the show myself! I told him keep an eye out for mining type buildings and he found one from Campbell the “Ho-Silver Spur Mine No.

I have been going for the past several years and got some great deals on the original series Matchboxes that I collect.. Does the diorama with the "Shelby's" and the lighthouse also include the shipyard and boat under construction? There is very little space in the aisle in between the tables for the models and the vendor booths. So a typical 1970 summer season Toronto section is five sleepers, one Dining Room Car, one coach (plus one Toronto-Sudbury coach on long weekends), one Skyline, the Park (Toronto-Sudbury only) and one Baggage-Dormitory. Certainly the experience of the Southern Railroad (The Southern Crescent) comes to mind – that company declined to join Amtrak. CP Rail train #11 – the Toronto section of 'The Canadian' – works through Palgrave, Ontario.
Will the hotel still be standing after tonight?I didn't see any, but i did manage to smoke two leds before I figured out what I was doing wrong. The engineman must have the throttle of CP 1414 placed in notch 8, that FP9-A could be heard for miles!
A comparison of the CPR 1966 passenger train time table to the 1971 time table show a dramatic contraction. What really impressed me was the professionalism and care of the crew and on board staff – from the Sleeping Car Conductor, Train Conductor, Trainmen, Dining Room Car staff to the Porters.

Stations served by CPR trains, shown in the company public timetable, contracted from 3 pages to one lone page.
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The view here is some service is better than none at all – and what do we have today on the CPR route? What was going against the CPR was that the CNR was still actively pushing passenger service, but the CN really did not have a choice being a ward of the federal government. And it appears we (the public) are now stuck with the CN route (& four nights) on a SUMMER tri-weekly basis, and further off season reduction in services forthcoming for 2012-13. For some reason the CTC Commissioners did not seem to be able to grasp the full difference between reporting to shareholders (CP Limited shares being a publicly traded) verses being a ward of the government (ie CN).

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