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Robust - Don't let the wood construction fool you, SweepSticks are cut from stable aircraft grade plywood.
Multiple Use - Can be used to form flextrack, plan a layout, or as a tool for hand laying trackwork. Soldering rail with the SweepSticks in place can be done, but just as with flextrack, excessive heat will shorten the life of the tools.

While we don't have SweepSticks for easements available, the nature of the design allows for different sizes of radiuses to be joined together to form a spiral. The video above gives a short overview on how SweepSticks are used to shape flextrack and how they can be used to lay trackwork. That's one of the things I really like about Fast Tracks - they go out of their way to make their products available for all scales and guages - so it doesn't surprise me that this latest product is also available across the board.

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