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ShareThisIf you're having download problems, try the alternative downloads on this page instead. I'm sure you said in another post, but what did you use to make the red road shoulders? I have pictures I took of UP 868 (LifeLike produced a model) working in McPherson, KS in 1978. That was my original plan, but after finding the BN-painted core unit on Ebay in good operating condition with a decoder installed, I decided to leave it intact for now.
So if anybody has a NCE ProCab & is using TCS decoders can help with the CV settings I'd be grateful for your help.
I have the program ready to go on the macbook but haven't got the USB adaptor yet for the NCE.

I posted this photo on my Kansas City Souther MRH Blog with the staging yard throat unbolted and the staging yard added to the new KCS Layout Yard.
ShareThisThis is my project a 3d printed CFCLA Chey wagon in HO, used in Australia for ore and mineral sands.
Modeling the freelanced Southern Utah RR inspired by the coal mining railroads of central and southern Utah in HO scale.
The computer interface should be built in if you NCE system is the new version.You will need a USB to RS232 serial adapter cable.
They have different parts for Gondolas and Hoppers that might supply all the parts you are looking for for less than a few dollars. In addition to the tanks, wheels, and brake stand there are also stirrup steps and under body detail.

You might find that the brake parts and the others that come with them are useful for other projects.
There was a lot of other cracking, especially on the corners. Hm, where had I seen this before?

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