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I do not know many teenage Model Railroaders, my best friend us the only one, but there are a couple young people I have met who may grow up to be.
Although it's been a few years, well more than a few I guess (time sure flies so enjoy school while you can) on my my first day of high school I was reading a model railroader magazine and a class mate noticed this and told me about his equal interest in trains and model railroading. My coworkers aren't into trains very much, but when they see the models and the realism of some of the photos on here, their eyes light up and we start talking about it.
I have a member of upper management whom I overheard talking about his current project, not realizing he was talking about the actual rail system that is going to be built at the plant. That might be a way to get the younger crowd together and those with the interests in keeping younger members interested in model railroading. I am also a teen who has your disease, you are not alone- just wondering, how is your steeplecab coming along? Respectively representing pre defined decoders with 15 Servos F0-F14 and 1 LED F16, 13 Servos F0-F12 and 4 LEDs F13-F16, 10 Servos F0-F9 and 7 LEDs F10-F16, and last 17 LEDs F0-F16 like the original decoder I presented. The Double Blink Function Configuration 3) will alternately blink the designated pin and the pin immediately following (as for a crossing gate). If you change a configuration CV it is recommended that you either reset the Pro Mini or power cycle it after you make all your changes.
If you did everything right, you can control your decoder and turn on and off 17 functions at will.
Once you get it assembled and programmed, hook it up to any DCC track bus and power supply, and away you go! This would enable  you to use the servo to throw a turnout, power the frog, and indicate the position of throw. Likewise, a fascia switch could be used to control turnout position, but it would also use another pin per servo (now 3 per servo) so a total of 5 servos could be supported. ShareThisHere's the MRH booth at the Amherst Show in Springfield, MA this weekend before the crowds started pouring in.
It is that time of year again, time for everyone to share their projects, pictures, and stories for the summer. My primary objective is to go from a track plan to track, for a shelf switcher that will hopefully grow some. In addition, in order to enhance operations a little, I would like to weather ten freight cars and add DCC and sound to two locomotives. My plans for the summer is research and drawing up a plan for my HO shelf layout for the 4-6-6-4 steam engine i picked up as part of my grandfathers estate. I have not selected a specific segment but when I looked via Google Earth over the weekend I found a few areas which would meet these needs or might be able to be close to these elements.
The roundhouse will go behind the locos toward the left, the coaling tower will be approximately behind where the GP9+F7A consist is sitting.
As requested, here again are the copies of the sign shown at the San Jack Train Show in Feb by ArthurHouston. First of all, I love your layout!  My dream is to model the current era and this is the closest good example I have seen!
As memory serves me, the common cross buck sign does not have a black border along the edge, but many of the scale signs supplied by model supply companies have the black border. Modeling the freelanced Southern Utah RR inspired by the coal mining railroads of central and southern Utah in HO scale. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, and thank you to MRH for including this post in the weekly update. I'm just happy that both BLMA and Blair Line make modern-era pedestal style billboards. This shows a train entering a tunnel in Serenity Canyon, with the town of Mineral Ridge in the background. I grab some clothes, take a shower, dry and comb my hair (it is rather straight), get dressed, eat breakfast, drink tea, get my stuff, go outside, hop on the bus when it comes. Gotta go to bed, glad to know there's someone else in a similar position out there! The difference is that my skill levels are much improved, and I am willing to take on new challenges.

This is my next version of a 17 Channel Multifunction DCC Decoder based on a low cost $2.56 Arduino Pro Mini. The BIG change is the program and library modified for the job, which I make available for modeler use. The control signal is directly connected to the Arduino Pro Mini Pins labeled 3-13 and A0-A5. The green LEDs used as Function indicators are especially bright even with very low current. To get the LEDs to fit side by side on .1inch centers, I used a sanding disk mounted in a moto tool to sand the sides down just a bit in parallel with the LED pins. This will set up all the default CV’s and then permit you to modify them with your DCC controller of choice. You will note that as the decoder powers on, it will run through a test cycle turning all functions on, then all functions off—and only once. With a little more work than just copying and editing you can build complex functions beyond what is presented here. Obviously it would use anther pin (of the 17 available) per servo, so it would be limited to controlling 8 servos.
But it would seem to me that the fascia switch would substitute for DCC control, so only the endpoints and throw rates would use the DCC interface. In fact, I very much hope this will spur more modelers on of all interests to try these out.
It could be something simple like weathering up a piece of rolling stock or something major like completing all the benchwork for your layout. I consider the bullet points above to be the primary goals, and everything else to be more like bonus items. One is with a color background, the other without, so you can print it out onto colored paper. Looks like I'm on the hunt for ways to make or purchase some good signs such as the metal one on the equipment box or the expressway exit in N scale. The signs themselves were photographed from the prototype, cleaned in Photoshop where needed and printed out on regular paper.
I've been admiring your layout for some time now, I remember blog entries like Meredith Crossing and the pallet factory, your style is very recognizable. We mentally block them out when we go to town, because we are under a constant onslaught of signs!  When you're inside the city limits, or out in public at all, you can hardly point your nose in any direction that you do not see a sign! It could cycle ads for model railroad manufacturers, or humorous take offs on real billboard ads. I look out the window, and make note of any changes at the site of the grade crossing at depot road, to see if they are up to anything, and occasionally (once every year, I think) see a train.
Assembly is pretty straightforward if you’ve ever soldered a small set of components before.
They are plugged into an IC socket cut and soldered to the board-- it keeps them in somewhat neat order. Special programming was added so starting up many servos would not cause a major current surge for the power supply. I had considered another option to pair a second relay control pin as another configurable function, but have no immediate need myself. Since some of these are not what I would use these for (animation being in my foremost thinking), let me know via this forum, what might be worthwhile, and as time and interest permits, I might be able to make these available for modeler use! I have no vested interest in this, I just love to see people get enthusiastic in what they do. Don't forget, we pay upon acceptance, so here's a way to get your hobby to pay you back a little. I will echo the others here and say that you are a very talented artist and your layout looks absolutely fantastic! After the crew calls the persons in charge of the red flag, they will all have a safety briefing and discuss the safety topics of the month. Instead, I am known as the kid that is often talking about nothing in particular, doesn't really dress fancy, wears his hair long, and hangs out with the rejected (the people who are at the bottom of the social class).

It's good to get out and have social interaction which is something I have to remind myself of all the time now since the internet was made available to the masses. Yes, that does mean it can support 17 servos, each with rate, start point, and end point setting via DCC CV’s, per pin, as well as new LED configurable functions. You could also use a solderless breadboard (like Radio Shack 276-003) to assemble a decoder.
If you control a Servo with a particular function pin, I recommend that you remove the LED at that pin. You are prompted to think beyond turnout control, but please realize that I don't want to spend all my modeling time doing updates for these. Even so it's amazing how many signs exist in the world, including safety, business and advertising.
It came by complete surprise and contained these items: 2 Trilevel Autoracks, 1 Three pack of the New Well Cars, 1 Coil Car and One of the New Snowplows. I am grateful that I was able to find some middle ground, and I hope that there are other teens out there making there way. Regardless, you should cut off the surface mount LED Pin 13 indicator or its dropping resistor on the Pro Mini Board, as it is both redundant and may interfere with the function assigned to that pin. We turn onto chestnut street, and after going to the high school to drop off the 9-12 graders, then we get off at the middle school. I have a hobby to keep me entertained at home, and some great friends to keep me entertained at school. On the Arduino Pro Mini these are labeled 3-13 and A0-A5 and they directly correspond to standard DCC Decoder Functions F0 through F16. This new supply can also power decoder logic, so this will minimize the load on the DCC lines. As you've mentioned in earlier blogs, realism is all in the details, and going out and photographing the real thing is the best way to find what details will work where. I say good morning to one of my friends, and we exchange jokes until another friend drops by, then about 5 minutes later the bell rings and we go off to advisory. Life is rough in school, but you don't have to be the same person in school that you are at home.
Sometimes I mention a piece of railway news, a new piece of equipment I acquired, something I fixed, or a great catch.
If you are modeling a plumbing supply on your layout, then go photograph the back yard of any local plumbing supply and you'll get an idea of what kind of junk piles up there. Throughout the day, I say hi to people I know, do my work, and crack some jokes where they work, and chat with my math teacher. I want even those at the popular side if things to see what I have seen, that those at the other end aren't all that bad. They are available in many hobby stroes, and can be ordered direct from Chinese manufacturers through ebay at a steep discount. At lunch I sit with friends, and sometimes me and my best friend talk about trains, other times conspiracy theory's, and math. Note: while cheap servos are available, their noticeable characteristic is a great variability from servo to servo, including swing measure, noise, and current draw.
But I like the idea that you have, to actually photograph those signs and use them on the layout! When I get home, I work on fixing my kerosene lanterns, make progress on the roadbed, and spend some time here.
You are still a person, and you should treat it as a part if your life just as these other things are to other teens, and maybe even yourself.

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