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Locomotives 2509 and 911 round the curve struggling up the grade by Hoovertown with Misti mountain in the distance. The July 1952 Model Railroader had an article on building the flour mill that was in Mifflinburg,PA. ShareThisI'll use this blog to show scenes from the layout, unfinished as it is, along with various scenery projects.
In the places I couldn't bend the strip tightly enough to reach holes, I looped the strip more loosely which holds it clear of the board, allowing some light to filter through those holes. I like to weather with oils but they take so long to dry I lose interest in the project while waiting for them. As a lifelong publicist and journalist, I don’t often get warm and fuzzy about magazine articles I see.
I took some pictures during the first day I was at the train show and decided to share them. I have some video footage of that layout (and some others that will be showing up real-soon-now). Hey Chris, when are you going to post that? I'm hoping that you can break first ground for us.
The CFNR 108 is shoving RBOX 32411 while it blocks it's train for the run back into Woodland, Ca. Please show us a video of a train running the Bakery Line :-)) looking forward to more pictures of your beautiful layout.

Despite being a N scale guy for various reasons, I am really beginning to feel that larger scale, HO or more, have a nicer impact at train shows. If I have incorrectly assigned them just because they happen to have a triple track mainline please let me know and I will move them appropriately.
Its a lot of work to upload and thumbnail the images using the MRH blog and image software. I'd like to encourage such posts - but as you point out, to do so means it needs to be easier!
I was actually going off a proto photo for the rust patches, not the exact car (couldn't find one) but close in the series.
The shell is now in Silicon Rubber but I took two photos before I started the mold making process. I haven't had much luck with styrene, it beads up instead of vaporizing and makes very sloppy cuts. The CORP gp38-2 was a P2K that I painted and decalled, I think it was my first custom painted locomotive.
My wife and I once took a ride up to Mifflinburg to try to find it, but were told that it had finally been torn down. I didn't have room to make use of three door across the front, but I prefer the two anyway. You can see a few splashes of acrylic on it, but I plan to go with oils, pending a few tests on some off-cuts.

Being able to participate in the scale vicariously through a modular club would be a fantastic way to dabble AND operate! The second day of the train show I spent a lot of time here without my camera just soaking in the details.
However, NTRAK is a marvelous way for lots of modelers to come together and create huge modular layouts and run huge trains. I have a hunch the castings you make will look equally fantastic, and will be wearing Milwaukee or UP paint before long! I think the decal film was a smidge thick as a few coats of future, and 4-5 coats of setting later and there's still a shoulder visible.
I did do a lot of artwork for a prototype Budd car for the Superchief back when I lived in Santa Fe.
They didn't come out without being somewhat out of focus or with distracting clowns dancing next to them.
Included was lots of good stuff to know about home owner's insurance in the event of a fire. The old layout is featured in Railmodel Journal, September 2007 , Model Railroading, December 2003, and Model Railroader August 2006.

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