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Having completed the data sheet with all the information I want to record about these two hoppers the next step is to enter the cars into the database of Easy Model Railroad Inventory. All of this information is in the user manual and can be accessed by clicking the F1 button while in the program. I will continue this tutorial with a brief review as I enter the rest of my new cars and their pictures very soon.
He likely used the color correction capabilities of a photo editing package like Adobe Photoshop, though there are many that can do this same sort of thing for a lot less $$. If your camera has a while balance setting (often a button on the camera sometimes marked with a flower-looking icon or a split circle icon) then set the balance before taking the pictures. I'm pushing ahead with the inventory project and while I took 3-5 shots of each car, I didn't spend too much time on tuning them up. On the other hand you may be happy already, which is all that matters as it's your railroad.
The houses on Front Street are kind of reminiscent  of the house that I spent my childhood in. I have had some requests to include a how to about the operations functions of Easy Model Railroad Inventory. After the inventory part was just about complete I found that I had the basic information needed to operate my model railroad using the inventory record. The type of industries your layout services will determine the AAR code of the car according to the product being transported. The products that are received and shipped are determined by the type of industry and that determines the AAR code of the car needed.
Easy Model Railroad Inventory uses the information above, plus some additional information to print waybills.
In the above photo you can see the car cards and switch list clipped together and hanging below the bench work as close to the staged train as possible.
There are some who are using the car cards and waybills, and have no intention of using the timetable and switch list. I haven't had time yet to look through this tutorial yet, Bob, but it is greatly appreciated!

If you are looking for a way to produce some great looking operating paperwork this is worth a look.  Great post Bob as I think this highlights what I think is the best part of EMRI! I have just begun exploring the operations sections so this posting is very useful in helping me understand how the whole system works. Click the Maintain Cars selection under Rolling Stock and click the Add button at the bottom of the update window. The blue fields are the required fields, so if any of them are blank the Save button will not work.
Enter the number of the second car in the New Road # field located at the bottom of the window.
I will be quite honest; I started out developing an inventory program to be used for insurance purposes.
That led to designing the consignee file which in turn led to having the correct products, on the correct cars, unloaded at the correct spot, and finally returned to the correct destination. It was here I found a treasure trove of information about operation, industries and the products.
Some industries require as little as one type of car to receive the product needed and others require many different cars to receive the raw materials needed to manufacturer the finished product. Food wholesalers or brokers will receive generically both boxcars (X) and refrigerated cars (R).
The shipper name and the routing will help fill in the information for the car card and waybill. I am equally sure there are some, maybe many, who will not use Easy Model Railroad Inventory to operate their railroad. Remember to select the correct drive and folder if you did not use the installation defaults.
The Adobe reader will allow you to print mulitiple copies of the currently selected page using their print preview. There are users of Easy Model Railroad Inventory that want to keep a record for insurance purposes.
I the case of this example the second car is identical with the exception of the road number.

When I read your post about taking pictures of each car for data entry I thought it would be nice to catalog and save the images.
Afterall that was the Canadian Prairies and they have six months of winter.  Go Canucks!
I would have to add some other fields that would be specifically used by the operations functions.
The research involved is documented in the user manual and the blog entry Easy Model Railroad Inventory How To #5.
I started on a number of model railroad forums where I found a number of threads, which lead to many others sources, both on the Internet and published books and articles.
Importing their industry files were the basis for both the industry file and their associated products.
A switch list can be printed or one can be printed using the Quick List option at the bottom of the Maintain Schedule window. If you do not know what version you have click the Help option at the top right of the main menu and select About.
If you have only a couple the best way to enter them is simply sit at your computer and enter them. Not useful for operations because you don't know the cars location either on the layout or even in a particular storage box some place in your house. Not all of these fields or functions are for everyone but everyone will want to record more information than just the minimum. If the pictures are going to be saved then why not edit them a little to make them as accurate as possible including color.
Some of you, I have noticed, like to refer to it as EMRI, which I actually find flattering, though I have not gotten used to it yet. You my click on the down arrow and select a car using a number of different fields including car number.

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