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Add another activity: If you want to have a day full of train activity – head across The Link, the elevated covered walkway, to Crown Center. Bring a stroller for small kids – especially if you plan on taking The Link over to Crown Center.
Kansas City, Kansas: Meals Delivered by Model RailroadYou sit in little booths, order your food by telephone, and it's brought to you by a train that comes to your table and drops it on a tray stuck to the wall. Meals Delivered by Model Railroad Anyone visiting KC, KS or close must go to Fritz's Union Station, 250 N 18th St, Kansas City, for Meals Delivered by Model Railroad. You sit in little booths, order your food by telephone -- it is brought to you via a train. The first inventory was taken in the middle of May 2006 and it revealed a few duplicates as well as exposed areas that need building up. The inventory is subdivided into each railroad, and then separated by locomotive and rolling stock and their respective specialties. ShareThisThese pics are from Thursday during the National Narrow Gauge Convention, from the Contest Room and one layout I visited. This scene was animated with cattle sounds, and the rocking of the rail car as the steer moved!

It is one of the best FREE activities in Kansas City – especially if you child likes trains or miniature toys.
You can park in the front of the building, but watch out – some spots are reserved for the Post Office. Kids love running around the large Sprint Festival Plaza room and looking at the antique fire engines downstairs. Join today and we'll send you our exclusive report: "Top 10 places to burn off your kids wild energy in KC". It goes all the way around the restaurant until it comes to your table and drops it on a tray stuck to the wall. Only 5 rolling stock cars have been duplicated, but there is a lack of open hopper cars required for the coal operations and a lack of bulkhead flat cars for the logging operations. This exhibit has multiple types of model trains and multiple scenes throughout the large exhibit room.
They want people to know that visitors are welcome to come in if the doors are open and lights are on.
There is ample covered garage-parking behind Union Station on the west side of the building.

Older kids will love searching the model scenes for various items and finding characters they recognize – like Thomas the Train. Kids will love watching the trains that encircle the restaurant and having their food delivered to the table via train. We currently have some great advertising specials to get your Kansas City business noticed! No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. A late decision to add steel deliveries will require more flat cars as well, and for the grain and milling industry more covered hoppers could be needed.

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