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Before there was the Miniatur Wunderland at Hamburg, in the year 1997 the largest digitally controlled model railroad layout in H0 Scale was presented.
In Hamburg, there is not only the Miniatur Wunderland, but there is also a far more impressive model railway, namely one of the oldest and largest model railway in Europe in 1 Gauge. Not only the whole city with it's stations can be seen, but also the subway, underground, metro, tram, trains and steam locomotives in H0 scale. We are talking about 5 inch track and 7¼ inch gauge at the world's largest indoor live steam railroad meeting in Germany.
Today, the railway network grew up to 2,000 m of tracks and 200 square meters exhibition area.

At that exhibition there are steamships, steam engines, steam model engineering, steam-powered road vehicles and steam locomotives. The entire system is digitally controlled by two computers; as well as the day and night lighting is controlled automatically.
There are 125 trains and rolling stock from different manufacturers, like Marklin, Fleischmann and Roco. In addition to that, there are a big fun fair, a large central station, a great port facility and many details to discover.
If you don't like the commercial Miniatur Wunderland, you should look at this historical model railway layout, which was opened on 7 October 1949 at the Museum of Hamburg History.

Most elements of this layout are handmade and not from retail packages, including signals, buildings, locomotives and wagons. 92 locomotives are ready, and other trains are transformed from a the former three-wire AC operation on the two-wire DC operation, actually.

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