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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but although I'm pretty sure I have a good layout design in my head, I'd like to see some more track designs. I am in the process of doing an HO version of the trackplan with more switching on the left side. The "Terminus Layout" (see this track-plan) is not the only one idea, which was bustling around my head! Photos from the layout: I realized this track plan some years ago, it was my first model railroad layout at all. Getting N-scale buildings for a harbor layout is not a problem, there are enough producers.
As I like the "harbour topic" on model railroad layouts, also see this shelf layout with a harbor scenery on a much smaller space! The second track idea plan is a river port, too, but now with a river lock (on the upper left) as an appealing detail of this model railroad layout. Ho Scale Model Railroad Track Plans Watch your spectacular locomotive chugging down the monitor winding through the beautiful landscape with grace and ease. I have looked at ALOT of track plans, but it seems to be better if I can see the real thing!

The first track-plan above is designed as a riverport, but could also be (a section of) a seaport. But the supply for freight ships in N scale was not satisfactory to me, especially typically cargo boats, as they run on the Rhine.
The river, coming from the upper left to the harbor, has two water levels (low and high); so the level behind the gate doors must be high enough to cover the model trains. Most of these are custom made strategies monitor I o N scale that were commissioned by a consumer.
Seems like alot of railroading in a small space, but I like every one of the ideas that I just saw!
A port with ships and water is always a nice idea for model railroading, as a harbor offers a lot of input for modelmaking and many tasks for freight traffic, like bulk goods, container, various freight goods or even cruise liners for passengers. There are many ports like this along the Rhine; probably this stream has the most ship traffic at all in Germany. One track runs through a silo, too; but this layout is even smaller than the 1st plan above.
There is simply nothing cooler in this hobby (IMHO) than building something and showing it off or seeing someone show off something they built!

Graphics were designed on the PC, printed, cut out, and then glued on the balsa construction. I was big enough to Whatever the prerequisite of hobbyist person is sure to be a set of dimensions to satisfy every need. For starters I scale has struggled to find its area of interest for the market of train design. Well really well as it occurs this is a sought after product significantly compared to some other scales and can be found gracing railways produced around the globe. To showcase their styles and develop a substantial and informative range of plans to observe. Size wise that it is very pleased to a single forty-eighth the size of the actual factor Ho Scale Model Railroad Track Plans.

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