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Bowser will reissue its Baldwin AS-616 locomotive as a fully upgraded, ready-to-run, Executive series model equipped with a Soundtraxx Tsunami digital sound decoder. MRH staff member Les Halmos conducted a video interview at NTS with iwata-medea, a manufacturer of premium quality air brush equipment.
Kadee exhibited a fascinating new remote control coupler system at the National Train Show.
The Atlas Master Silver series is priced at $149.95 and comes with an NMRA 8-pin plug for DCC (decoder-ready).
Atlas will have new road names and decorating schemes for class NE-6 steel caboose ready by February.
Atlas has been showing this engineering sample of an HO scale steel coil car with an expected release date of April. Dan Kohlberg has new HO and N scale decal sets for Airslide cars including Nebraska Consolidated Mills GATC, National Biscuit Company GATC and Quaker Oats GATC Airslides. The Philadelphia Division of the Mideast Region, NMRA, has a special run of Red Caboose 10,000 gallon tank cars decorated in the pre-1954 Sunoco scheme in eight road numbers. Kanamodel Products of Canada has released an HO scale kit for the Santa Fe Café located in Wickenburg, Arizona. In other product developments, Rapido announced that it is expanding its line of HO scale Osgood-Bradley cars with the addition of a new Deluxe lightweight coach.
Rapido reports that there is an error in the font of the small car number on the New Haven hunter green full-skirted Osgood Bradley cars. S&R Models showed its new kit to convert an N scale Walthers SIECO pulpwood car into a modern log car.
Sunshine Models (Box 4997, Springfield, MO 65808-4997) has prototypically accurate HO scale resin kits for SFRD class Rr-44 ice reefers.
Tangent’s ready-to-run model is offered in 9 different Union Pacific paint schemes that include as-delivered versions as well as a variety of repainted cars -- all with authentic road numbers. Walthers representatives said the complete 1953-71 edition of the Broadway Limited would be produced in HO scale including color-matched appropriately detailed Proto2000 EMD E8 diesel locomotives.
Walthers is upgrading the fluted-side passenger cars of it’s HO scale Santa Fe Super Chief with a new metalized finish that has an authentic stainless-steel look, tinted windows and factory-installed grab irons. Delivery of the cars will be scheduled over several months beginning with the 10-6 sleeper in October 2010 and ending with the observation car in May 2011.
As a suitable destination for its upgraded Super Chief (as well as other western passenger trains), Walthers will release a kit for a selectively scaled version of the Los Angeles Union Passenger Terminal. Although no specific details were available at the NTS event, a senior Walthers executive dispelled rumors that the company was softening its support of N scale by confirming to MRH reporter Jeff Shultz that two new N scale locomotives would be announced before the end of the year. The HO scale kit features laser-cut wood construction with cast resin and cast metal detail parts. Several experts leant their talents to developing this prototypically accurate kit including Dennis Storzek who served as technical consultant, Ken Soroos who created the decals and Gene Deimling who crafted the patterns for the cast resin model.
The HO scale model is painted in the original 1959 as-new boxcar red and comes with Kadee’s new two-piece self-centering trucks. G scale couplers were being demonstrated with a hint that once perfected, smaller scales would follow. The PFE set replaces previous set 87-17 and includes updated class data and nicely executed medallions. EMD built 360 of the 2,500 horse power prototype between 1964 and 1966, plus an additional 35 steam generator-equipped SDP35 units specifically for passenger duty.

Additional options include a low nose version both with and without a standard-style headlight. Previously announced plans to offer an SD35 decorated for Squaw Creek Southern have been cancelled due to limited consumer interest. The N scale models are based on prototypes built in Kenton, Ohio by the International Car Company in the 1940s and used until the end of the caboose era.
Based on a 42-foot prototype with distinctive fishbelly sides, Atlas will offer the initial run decorated for CSX (gray, black and yellow), CSX (blue and yellow), Kansas City Southern (black, red, yellow and gray), Northwestern Oklahoma (brown, white and yellow), Norfolk Southern (gray, black, blue and red) and Sever Corr (red, white, blue and yellow). The main structural components of the kit, including the hull, superstructure and wheelhouse, are individually cast in resin. Laser-cut components include the building fronts, rear stairway, sidewalks, fire escape, roof-top shed, roof-top billboard and awnings.
The HO scale ready-to-operate models portray the late 1940s Type 103W welded cars owned by GATC and leased to Sun Oil Company. Known today as the Golden Nugget, the kit for the late 1800s building was developed from scale drawings created by James Bansner who worked from archival photographs and Sanford maps as part of a local project to recreate the town of Wickenburg in the year 1915.
The HO scale kit includes a one-piece resin body, grab irons and wire, Tichy brake parts and white shadow keystone decals. A similarly treated St Louis San Francisco boxcar without a running board is also available. Rapido officials Jason Shron and Bill Schneider pointed out several of the subtle, but significant, differences between an EMD FP9 and a GMD FP9 as used by CN, CP and VIA. The new coaches will feature full underbody piping, battery-powered lighting, and magnetic knuckle couplers. The HO scale kit for Bert’s features laser-cut wood construction, special signage, Grandt Line doors and windows, and cast-metal detail parts. The kit includes six pewter log bunks that slip into the channels of the Walthers host car. Built by Pullman Standard beginning in late 1946, the prototypes saw service on the Santa Fe until 1971.
The HO scale LAUPT kit combines injection molded plastic components and precision laser-cut parts. It will also be available painted but unlettered with either a clerestory or arched roof. Bowser does the molding in the USA and sends the plastic components to China for painting and assembly. Upgrades include a new die cast frame with a new fuel tank and numerous new body details including brass air hoses, steel grab irons, operating headlight, window glass, can-motor and metal knuckle couplers.
The first release will be decorated for CN with the familiar orange body, black roof and cupola in 12 car numbers. It is in production now, however, the first release date has been delayed until late summer. During a video interview with MRH, company official Mark Williams explained that all of the components are laser-cut wood including the café table, chairs, fencing, spiral fire escape and decorative lions.
Road names with standard window arrangements will include Wheeling & Lake Erie, Susquehanna, Conrail, New Haven and Clinchfield. In addition to Proto-Sound 3.0, this well detailed model features sprung drivers, lighted marker lights, constant-voltage headlight, fully-detailed cab interior, cab-to-tender deck plate and die-cast boiler, chassis and tender. Many details are cast in place, however a variety of additional details are laser-cut, cast in resin or cast in pewter.

Tichy windows, NorthEastern Scale Lumber, metal details and lots of signage are also included in this limited edition HO scale kit that is scheduled for availability on June 1.
Unfortunately the tooling was irreparably damaged and creating new tooling for the specialty locomotive with limited appeal was judged not feasible.
The craftsman-type kit features laser-cut components, corrugated metal roofing, cast metal details and step-by-step instructions. Jason emphasized that Rapido’s GMD FP9 is the only accurate HO scale model ever produced in plastic. The ready-to-run models will be priced at $80 each, two-packs are $160 and three-packs are priced at $235.
The initial release includes Kansas City Southern (Southern Belle scheme), Seaboard Air Line (post-war green), St.
Sunshine’s vacuum-cast gray urethane kits come with all detail parts including an etched-metal Morton running board and hatch platform. The cars ride on 100-ton N-11 trucks with metal wheels and come with a removable coal load.
The stucco walls are fabricated from architectural-grade, hard-pressed construction board. Priced at $34, the body kit includes all detail parts, decals, assembly instructions and a complete car history, less trucks and couplers.
Cabooses with windows set closer to the car ends will be available for Norfolk & Western and Nickel Plate Road as illustrated here. Also in the production run are single and double herald versions of the R-30-18 with wood running boards and an R-30-19 with a metal running board and displaying a single UP herald. Parting lines remain to be polished out and a few details such as nose grabs, ladder rests and side window sun shades are still missing from this nearly-final shell.
Louis Southwestern ( green), Southern Pacific (green, two-tone gray), and Texas & New Orleans (two-tone gray).
The plastic injection molded kit includes trucks with metal wheelsets and McHenry magnetic knuckle couplers. Several unnumbered road names will be available with a matching decal sheet of numbers. Albert Lumber, Grandt Line doors, metal roofing material, special signage and a variety of details. Additional HO scale releases included a second go-around for a Thrall 3564 gondola for BNSF, SP, TTX and NOKL. Also shown was this O scale B&O CPL (color position light) signal that features a six-light head and single upper target.
This Platinum series car was misidentified by ExactRail as a Thrall 3267 when originally released. Also new is a second release of the Southern Pacific Gunderson 2420 gondola along with another release of its Evolution series PC&F 6033 Hy Cube boxcar in the as-delivered SP scheme.

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