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Locomotives 2509 and 911 round the curve struggling up the grade by Hoovertown with Misti mountain in the distance. The July 1952 Model Railroader had an article on building the flour mill that was in Mifflinburg,PA. Note: This review is my own opinion, unsolicited, and based purely on my experience as a customer. I have 32 years of Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazettes and a few decades of Railroad Model Craftsman.
I’ve been open to the idea of other model railroading magazines and have subscribed to several. I got busy with life, work, and other non-modeling pursuits and while I downloaded the 2nd and 3rd issues I did not read them. I double checked by sitting down this morning and reading through all four issues back-to-back.

I carefully read Joe’s editorials and articles to see if he actually delineates the secret sauce. Includes construction plans, prototype photos, and over 20 sets of scale drawings for scratchbuilding, kitbashing, or modifying commercial bridge kits. In August of 2006 I started a series of blog posts analyzing what has happened to Model Railroader to make it the raging wad of mediocrity it is today. They have ebbed and flowed as well but overall are reading now much as they did many years ago.
Model Railroad Hobbyist magazine (hereafter MRH) is published quarterly (bi-monthly in 2010) as a free download in PDF format using many of the rich media extensions available in that format. I was surprised to hear that readership of Model Railroader has declined by about 20% over the years.
I can certainly relate to your experience of downloading an issue and having never got time to read it!

My wife and I once took a ride up to Mifflinburg to try to find it, but were told that it had finally been torn down.
In another issue he says it’s because he advocates “layout modeling.” I think he’s missed on both. I would question if the decline in readership is related to the magazine, or the hobby in general? It’s exciting to have a new magazine where I’m actually curious what the next issue will bring.
In a medium where megabytes are cheap MRH can allow an article to go long, go deep, have more pictures.

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