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Point Richmond is one of those corners of the Bay Area that I’ve never had a chance to explore.
It seems only appropriate that the home of the Golden State Model Railroad Museum would be located in this hallowed ground.
As you can see in the photos below, I really loved the attention to detail and creativity in the landscapes. I think I felt worse about it than he did, after all those months of promising the museum to him.  But we did not find a parking spot and we left the area, finding other diversions for our Sunday afternoon. We walked over from the zoo to the Casa de Balboa building and followed the signs down the stairs and around the corner to the museum.  After paying our admission (just $8 for the entire family with the Museum Month discount), we checked out the model train displays.
The most interactive room was the Toy Train Gallery, where children could push buttons to make things happen along the tracks; this is also where we found the most elaborate cityscapes in the train setups. Though we weren’t able to stay long, we did see all of the train layouts, and at the end of our time I asked my young train expert what he thought of the museum.

Minnesotans, be proud.  Your local model railroad museum has the seal of approval from a nine-year-old model train museum critic. We walked down to Ferry Point, the original western terminus of Santa Fe’s transcontinental line. Not only were they open on Sunday, but that’s precisely when the trains are running (April through December), so we got to see everything in motion.
Everywhere I looked there were these little scenes of life playing themselves out in miniature.
This unique museum contains four enormous scale and model layouts, built by separate clubs, which depict railroads of the Southwest in O, HO, and N scales. The collection covers railroads throughout North, Central, and South America, Europe, and Asia. Reference materials include books, periodicals, professional journals, government publications, manuscript materials, maps, engineering drawings, DVDs, videotapes, slides, photographs, and other ephemera.

Paul museum, there seemed to be more trains running at a time, and more action to watch.  He did like the Toy Train Gallery, but overall, the train museum in St. I have been to this museum and pretty much every museum with trains we have ever come across, except the Twin City one. It was overcast and at times very windy, but it was also nice to be out and moving our legs. It took me a while just to get my bearings before I could even think about taking any pictures.

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